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Thursday, October 14, 2010

For this I get up before sunrise on Saturdays?

Caitlyn has been having soccer practice for many weeks now, and for two weeks they have started having "games". I think this is mostly to appease the parents. The first week Jamie was out of town, and Caitlyn didn't really get into it until the team got to come together and yell "Go Panthers!" at the end of the game. She ran over about halfway through and asked me where she was supposed to stand. Actually this is a better soccer strategy than "everyone run after the ball and the biggest kids will kick it" - which is the normal 3 and 4 year old team strategy. Last week she got into it a little more, but I think she gets discouraged because she can't keep the ball and isn't the best at it. I bribed her with tv to get her to keep playing (she bargained me up to 2 shows), but I didn't feel so bad when I heard another dad bribe his daughter with candy. Ah the joy of being a soccer mom. Here's a video of all the excitement. Maybe I will put it in her video application to play soccer at Carolina one day.

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