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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bruckmann Christmas in June

Since we couldn't get together this Christmas, the Bruckmann clan planned a picnic reunion for June. Most of the extended family couldn't make it, but all who attended had a great time. I was proud of myself for being able to answer a few questions on the Burckmann family history quiz. (Granted, one of them was the middle name of my children....) The kids decorated the sidewalk to welcome the guests.

I am so blessed to have in-laws with whom we can have such fun, even when we see each other infrequently. A day of games, food, laughter, and sports was just what we needed to wrap up the month.

Granny and Grandpa treated the kids to some fishing poles. Caitlyn was a natural!

More pics from the trip can be seen by clicking here.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

VBS 2013

After a year as VBS kindergarten helper and 3 years working with the youth VBS, I had never attended an opening rally at our church. So of course I was the logical choice when someone needed to oversee music and drama at somewhat the last minute. (Infer - no one else would do it, I am willing to do anything but direct, and craziness helps in this position.) Jamie has been Rec Leader for several years. Needless to say we were both insanely busy this week! One of my responsibilities was transforming the willing 5th graders into a VBS drama team. We had all girls this year, and they were great! One perk for my family members was inclusion in the annual drama team pool party. I guess that made it worth having a crazy mama!

Kindergarten is somewhat of a transition year at our church. So Caitlyn sang with the VBS preschool music teacher during the week, but her class also stayed up there for the bigger production for any songs they learned during the Worship Rally. Jamie videoed most of the songs the younger ones sang. Elijah saw me sitting in the front, waiting to direct my part of the evening, and came to sit in my lap. He would go up to sing with his friends for most of the songs. Then when each song was over would shout, "Mommy! I did it!" Then he'd climb back into my lap until he realized the kids were doing another song he knew. Oh well, it was adorable if not professional.


I'm pretty sure we're already supposed to be planning for next year....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

I knew we were heading to Roxboro to see my granddaddies on Father's Day weekend, so the kiddos gave Daddy his Father's Day toys early. The djubi did not survive the trip, but at least the company sent replacement balls. Well made toys are a thing of the past, I suppose. Since Sunday was the day before VBS kicked off and both of us had big responsibilities, it was nice to take a day to relax. I got to hang out and chat, and Jamie was able to pry the children from electronics to play outside a bit. But you can't stop progress, so much of the day was spent by children staring at screens. At least technology can sometimes bring the generations together:

You can see more Father's Day pics by clicking here.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

When life gives you raw green beans

Seriously, can we not even eat green beans like normal people?

Shalom Seekers