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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why we rarely do art

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still in a Beach Daze

The rest of our beach days were much the same. If the day was rainy we would make a break for the beach as soon as possible and find ways to entertain ourselves during deluges. Tuesday was forecast to be the worst beach day of the week, so we decided to use our season passes to the Fort Fisher Aquarium. The seahorses, rays, and jellyfish were fan favorites although every exhibit was interesting. The ferry ride over was as much fun to the kids as the actual aquarium.

Our house was the party destination for families including the Morleys, Oakleys, Phelps, Reeves, and Roaches (in alphabetical order so no one is offended). When we weren't being beach bums my giant bag 'o games and my mom's cooking were big hits. Of course Jamie never fails to amuse either, but the first video featuring my family playing "Little Can You Do If You Can't Do This" will probably only amuse those family members present for the mockery. The adorable videos of the kids playing on the beach should amuse anyone with a heart. 

The kids are never shy and made friends with our beach neighbors. They nicknamed Caitlyn "the dolphin." I like to think it's because she loved the water - not because she chatters incessantly...

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