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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Debrief

Here's a short recap of a long month! I only got my tree up and house decorated because my fantastic mom came down to sing in our Christmas cantata. Thanks mom!

13 days before Christmas I had to have my brakes fixed and waited at the ├╝bercrowded mall. Even though my kids were awkwardly dressed, I couldn't pass up a chance to stop at the free Santa at Bass Pro Shop to check "visit fat red man" off my huge to do list. Earlier that day:

12 December 2013
How to tell when your 7 year old daugher is directing dramatic Christmas play with her brother.
"And you want to marry me. And pretend that you love me but I love another elf. And he is a boy elf BULLY! And he is trying to get me to love someone else."#asthenorthpoleturns

Jamie turned the big 4-0 this month. I am still in the midst of trying to complete my grand idea of doing 40 fun things for him since he doesn't really like parties. One of the "things" was dedicating the flowers at church to him that Sunday and surprising him and our other friend who turned 40 with a cake. My status said it best:

16 December 2013
After the Great Advent Wreath Explosion of 2013, I was frantically praying to center my heart for communion. I looked up and saw James Bruckmann serving the bread that represents the body of Christ to the congregation. It suddenly struck me that not only has God given me eternal life that I did not earn, He has blessed me with an amazing family that I in no way deserve. Yes, our life is completely crazy, but no one but Jamie could be more perfectly suited to be my soul mate. You put up with me and complete me in a way that no one else could. Thank you for being a wonderful husband and fantastic father. I love you so much. Happy 40th birthday, and here's to 40+ more years of fun, faith, and friendship.

Later that evening both of the kids did a fantastic job in their Christmas music at church. It may have been the highlight of my month. Caitlyn had a wicked cold, but she had worked too hard to miss it. To all of you who shared her germs - Merry Christmas and ‘tis the season. She felt better in time for me to take the kids "ice skating" on a plastic rink upon which I held wobbly Elijah in a vain effort to keep him upright.

The definite NOT highlight of the month was J's double hernia surgery right before Christmas which slowed him down, but not anyone else:

20 December 2013
As much as we engage in cross gender play, toys in Caitlyn's possessions will inevitably marry or carry on an afterschool special drama; toys in Elijah's hand dramatically explode or "shoot shoot shoot!"

later that day... 

This is going to be tougher than I thought.
Me: Okay. I'm going to tuck you guys in and go check on Daddy.
Elijah: (eyes light up) We go to tackle Daddy? Tackle?

Two days later I supervised the Happy Birthday Jesus party at church. Caitlyn has aged out, but Elijah had a blast. Three days later, after giving in to the fact that there was no way I could possibly get ready to travel two places for Christmas while Jamie was completely incapacitated:

Remember that girl who thought she could do her stuff, her husband's stuff, take care of said husband after his surgery, and get ready for Christmas? Yeah, she was funny, wasn't she?

And still unable to get out of town 24 hours later...

Refusing to pack anything Bearcat related is seriously testing my wardrobe. Somebody get me some Tarheel sweatshirts for Christmas. Stat! #BelkBowl2013 #GoHeels

But he started to improve after Christmas:

26 December 2013
"I think I could run in a touchdown from the 2 yard line against some middle schoolers." James Bruckmann's way of telling me that his pain level is way down today!

Speaking of Christmas, even though it was hard on me, it was pretty great. I love my biological and in-law families and always have a great time when we are together. That's Christmas to me - completely crazy but lots of fun in retrospect. But of course, the other highlight was my Tarheel's beating his Bearcats while I was in Cinci with his family.

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