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Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014

As it turns out, I hadn't made a rule about taking frozen blueberries to my bed as a TV snack. I knew things were too quiet around here.

For "homeschool PE" we spent much of the month acting out the Winter Olympics. The kids' favorite thing to act out was the ice dancing. They even tried to lift each other, but that did not go so well. I had high hopes that the frantic speed skating in place would wear them out for a good night's sleep, but to no avail.

During our first snow of the month, the kids were playing in the backyard. Elijah ran in yelling "Caitlyn fell! Ovah! She fell ovah!" She had stood on a chair, leaned over to throw a stick to the dog, and fallen off the deck! By a miracle, she grabbed the side of the deck and hung, landing just beside our brick sidewalk. I took her in for a warm bath, and she did not even have a bruise! It was the scariest miracle ever.

On a less stressful day, we took a field trip to the Scheile Planetarium. We explored Native American dwellings, learned about animals, and caught a show about the moon. The crazy weather lately led me to quip while leaving the parking lot, "Let me turn on the AC before I drive around these snowdrifts."
Another time I was not prepared for the weather we ended up at Caitlyn's very cold tennis practice in t-shirts. Elijah tried unsucesfully to convince me that the mommy says "I want to go to the playfrowned." But no, the mommy says, "I'll watch you play on the playground from the comfort of my warm car.

After spending some story time with Elijah, I had to post this to social media:
Apparently "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" is traumatic reading for 4 year olds. Elijah keeps making crushed faces and asking sweetly and sadly, "But why?" every time something bad happens to Alexander. Time for a dose of real life, kid. #GoodbyeBubble

We're in it to end it! I've talked to my children about the slavery issue, so of course we had to put red x's on our hands for the end it movement. Caitlyn said "Why are there slaves anyway? Can't they just do things themselves? But people do have slaves, even though it's wrong." Elijah said, "I want a 'O'."

We're a work in progress.  :)

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