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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

For a few months I worked with the "Bible Buddies" 1st and 2nd graders at church on Sunday nights. We memorized some verses and learned to find books of the Bible. Before the official Bible Drill, my kids showed what they had learned. Caitlyn was proud of her certificate, but when she saw the old one I had recently uncovered at my Mom's house, she was disappointed that hers lacked shiny stickers.

One night at bedtime, the kids happened upon some old cassette tapes. They thought it would be fun to pull all the tape out, wrap it all around the railings of the stairs, and "decorate". In their defense, it does look a lot like tinsel. I needed to find a new home for those anyway. That home is now the city landfill.

We attended an Ash Wednesday service geared towards families. What a great way to start the Lenten season! Caitlyn's cabbage patch doll even received ashes. Although I tried to convince the Holy Spirit for a couple of weeks that it was not a good idea, I gave up anger for Lent. So every time I raise my voice or lose my temper, I have to write out a verse on anger. I'm going to need more notecards...

During the week we learned about the Vietnam War I scheduled a field trip to my former mentor's farmstead. He served in Vietnam and taught military history. The kids learned about the war, heard some great stories, learned about beekeeping, played with chickens and goats, and were well behaved enough to be invited back when the baby goats are born.

My cousin snagged us some passes to Great Wolf Lodge. We had an awesome time, and Caitlyn & I even convinced Elijah to try some of the water slides with us. Now every time we drive past Elijah asks, "Can we go to Gate Woof Wodge?" Every. Time.

I also took Caitlyn to her first homeschool roller skate. She was super proud of herself because she went out for the "fast skate" for her age group. She is now convinced that she could handle a roller derby. I received a workout trying to drag Elijah upright around the rink! Her Daddy took her to the last day of skiing at Sugar Mtn, but Elijah and I sat that one out.

Speaking of Elijah, here are some related status updates:

14 March
Just a normal afternoon: "Look at my boy on the playground. He is becoming so mature and playing so well with kids he doesn't know." A few minutes later: pretend not to see said child peeing off the play structure since no other parents are looking and no children are freaking out. #OneStepForward#TwoStepsBack

19 March
The scene opens with mom in a relaxing shower*...
Elijah: I going to do a magic trick.
Mom: Ok, I'll see it when I get out. Can you tell me what it is?
Elijah: I give 'Zekiel a lot of dog treats, and he going to throw up.
 — feeling apprehensive.
Scene 2: Mom and Elijah are cleaning his room. Mom hands Elijah a piece of pink plastic.
Mom: Can you please throw this in the trash?
Elijah: NO! Dat my special ting! Dat from my Sunday 'Cool on top of my cupcake!
Mom: (without a trace of irony) Okay. Put it in your treasure box.


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