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Friday, September 28, 2012

Goddess of the Binky

In our reading about Ancient Egypt we came across this picture today of the cat goddess Bastet depicted with a golden nose ring.

Very impressed, my three year old Elijah exclaimed, "Cat have ba-ba? Cat have ba-ba like me! Gimme dat ba-ba, cat!" I fear that the foundation of Christian faith may be undermined by this feline idol masquerading as a harbinger of everlasting pacifiers.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't give me any more lip!

Look at the hole in my sweet baby's lip!
It was such a peaceful morning. I rose before my family to write the day's devotion since I fell asleep with the kids last night. The children slept in until almost nine, surely catching up on their sleep to be ready for a day of schoolwork and chores. I snuggled at breakfast with my son until my daughter crept upstairs, snuck under the table, and surprised us to our delight and giggles. Everything was right in the world.

Sibling fighting began rearing its head, but things were somewhat under control until I went out to dump the compost and returned to a locked door. (Elijah thinks this is hilarious.) I rang the doorbell to send my boxer into a frenzy be let back inside, but when the door opened I was met by the sight of blood gushing from Caitlyn's mouth! (Apparently she had fallen on her pink plastic princess castle, although I cannot see anything with that particular shape on said toy.) Using water and paper towels I discerned that her teeth and gums were fine, but there was a gaping hole in her lip. Of course we were still in our pjs, so I got everyone dressed while keeping the blood from touching anyone's clothing. Thankfully the blood subsided before we reached Urgent Care, and we didn't even need to be seen. The doctor told Caitlyn to stay away from salty foods. (She told him she didn't even like salt but was quite upset to later learn the hard way that pistachios are quite salty.) The poor girl said she felt like someone had hit her with a brick and that she was going to die. My quiet day was now filled with crying and fussiness. Add to that stressor a three year old who throws things when he isn't getting attention and refused to nap, and my patience reserve was zapped! I started screaming "HUSH!" repeatedly and to no avail. I couldn't help myself.

The irony is that just this morning I wrote in my devotion that
I am almost always able to deal with daily situations with a kind voice that is not raised, even when my three year old repeats the same bad behavior for the millionth time that day. I am patient with my strong willed six year old as I try to train her character. 
 So much for that! I wasn't even trying to brag! At least I put in the "almost". At least it was a good opportunity to confess my sins to my children at bedtime as we all vowed to be kinder in the future. Oh well, the sun'll come out tomorrow, right?

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