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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The past few weeks

Click here for Elijah's latest weekly pics

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (even though my friends and family in Western NC disagree). I just want some two hour delays people! I was greatly disappointed to see that we would be having a delay on March 3rd, only to realize it was an archived internet article from 2009. (sigh) I just need some planning time at school, is that too much to ask? At least we had two really good snows this year. The first was a great sledding snow - nice and icy. Of course I couldn't find the camera to document it all, but here she is before it all melted away. This latest one two weekends ago was perfect for packing. Caitlyn got her wish of making a snow angel, having a snowball fight, and making a snow man. Jamie had a fun idea to get out the sand buckets and make snow castles. We also made snow cream, which none of us really knows how to make. Enough sugar and vanilla can make almost anything edible.

With all the precipitation Caitlyn's room flooded a bit. It wasn't Hurricane Katrina flooding or anything, but it was enough to soak the carpet and make us call for professional help. We were going to have professional restorers come in, but in the end were able to hire a friend to help us so we could gut things and find the problem. Jamie took care of getting someone to grade the outside and I am dealing with the interior. My friend started gutting out the drywall and ripping out the insulation so we could make sure there was no mold or anything of that nature. He called me downstairs to show me a few things... like black stuff... not mold... wait for it... mouse poops! Also I noticed that I could see my yard through a hole causing me to wonder aloud, "Where is my brick?" Apparently there was a plasticy thing and a place below it with no brick at all. So the only thing between my sweet baby girl and the outside world/coyotes/attacking zombies was some drywall and insulation. (Oh... and some old mouse poops... not sure if zombies are afraid of mouse poops.) So for now Caitlyn and her many worldly possessions are in brother's room. (Also she has no intention of moving back into her room once it is fixed.) So the only two rooms I had organized and finished are trashed. C'est la vie.

In a new twist, I had students out filming a project and they filmed in the parking lot... from their friend's car... out the sunroof... while it was moving...

Elijah was 18.9 lbs two weeks ago at his 6 month checkup, rapidly approaching Caitlyn's 31 lbs.

Tennis season began, basically leaving me alone as a single mom except in the mornings. Bah humbug high school athletics. My school trounced his in the opening match - serves him right. (get it... serves???)

In two moments of weakness I agreed to sing a duet in the Easter cantata as well as oversee youth VBS (since our dear youth minister is off to be a military chaplain in June).

Also I was never good at closing/conclusion paragraphs in school...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympian weather

Apparently there is snow in 49 of the 50 American states, no word yet on Puerto Rico. Finally the nation is coming together as one. Maybe next we can fight global warming. . .

Or maybe this is all some brilliant ploy set up through some voodoo of the IOC to coincide with the start of the winter games. People are stuck inside, wishing they were professional skiers so they could get more ingredients for dairy sandwiches, nothing to do but watch curling. (Speaking of which, are my girls still in training for our team? We can make it in 2014!)

It was pretty fun to have Jamie and Caitlyn enjoy a snowball fight after dinner. This morning the snow is melting quickly, but hopefully she will have a chance to make the ever elusive snow angel before it's gone.

Jamie and I enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver Games. The contrast between it and those in Beijing were striking (obvious?)

  • Beijing - the many become one to triumph, the people as a force (machine?), technology and the triumph of the Chinese spirit
  • Vancouver - the individual will to survive, the people as hardy souls, nature and the triumph of the Canadian spirit

Of course all was overshadowed by the tragic death of a young luger from the country of Georgia, played in graphic detail for a grieving international community - a reminder that there are inherent dangers in sports as in life, and we are never promised tomorrow.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/02/13/article-1250713-08452F5A000005DC-213_468x305.jpg http://therealsouthkorea.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/drummers-perform-during-the-opening-ceremony-for-the-2008-beijing-summer-olympics.jpghttp://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/02/13/article-1250713-08452926000005DC-425_468x364.jpg

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jesus, Where's that Hi Ho Cherry-O??

Last night we were searching for a lost Hi Ho Cherry-O. Caitlyn said, "Let's ask Jesus. . . let's ask Jesus so he can come over and find it." (very widow and the lost coin, I know)

Especially since my dad was diagnosed with cancer (update below), I have desperately longed to be with family and friends. So why is it that I spend the majority of my time on work and cleaning, neither of which ever are completed. Last Saturday I was at school, working on grading, baby Elijah and I the only people in the building, feeling completely overwhelmed and trying to figure out what I should do out of all the things I needed to do next. I prayed, "God, help me know what is most important", then looked straight down as my baby boy started to wake up. I know, I know. . . hokey Hallmark Channel special, but I do need to get my priorities in order. Skyping is helping me feel more connected to my family but also creates a deep longing to be in the living rooms in the background - rooms where I have felt the most safe, relaxed, and secure in my life with the people who shaped me into anything good I have become. Cutting back on sleep very much is only going to be a short term fix to the drive I feel to accomplish more than is humanly possible.

On a brighter note - Heroes vs Villains may be the greatest Survivor yet. We only watched the first hour but were drawn to cheer for the "good guys". Had Caitlyn been up, I'm sure she would have gone villain all the way. She told me yesterday that when they play at school she's the bad guy. . . apparently it's more fun.

Caringbridge update from my mom:

Since we last met…

The MRI showed that a couple of vertebra have spots on them that Dr. Brian felt were of concern.

Tu​esday we saw Dr. Black (radiologist​) for him to determine if radiation is an option for treatment. He wants to study it for a couple of days and discuss it with some members of his team, but at this point they feel they will probably do radiation. After the radiation, Dr. Brian will decide about the next round of chemo.

Ea​ting is still a major problem, but he’s trying hard! He said that food is his worst medicine. However, the chicken I fried last night was a big thumbs up!

Please pray for him to be able to eat well, put some of his weight back on and that he will regain strength in order for the treatments to have the best effect possible.

When you don’t hear from us for a while, don’t think that means we don’t need your fervent prayers. It might mean that we need them even more!

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Ed and Marsha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The part of the childhood bear will now be played by one very nervous penguin

All signs point to Sasha - she was the only one not in a cage or aquarium at the time of the crime. More than likely she was jealous of the photo ops the inanimate object was receiving over her. . . or possibly decades old bear stuffing smells like liver. . . or she was upset that I spent the morning chasing/carrying the other dog back when he ran away. But for whatever reason the bear is no more. At least now I don't have to feel guilty when I finally threw the thing away after his commuted death sentence (1 year of photos) was up. You can see his portfolio by clicking here.

Best quotes of the day:
Student: Is this really a good definition for Messiah? an awaited deliverer>
Me: Yes, that's a pretty good definition.
Student: So the pizza guy is a Messiah?
Me: I guess it depends on how hungry you are.

Caitlyn: Mommy, did you know God takes care of us?
Me: Yes honey, God does take care of us.
Caitlyn: Did you know God takes care of us so the bad guys don't sword us? And the angels fly around and flap their wings?

This is the same 3 year old who tells Bible stories about Joseph swording the baby, Jonah swording the guy off the boat so he had to go to the doctor, etc. I decided to tell her about some actual Bible stories involving swords so maybe she'll at least start to get some of her theology right.

Well, time to get LOST as I plan for school and ponder the important questions in life:

  • Is Jacob really dead, or was the whole thing just too "Jesus betrayed by Judas" to be the end?
  • Is Sayid really Sayid?
  • Who are the real bad guys here, or are we all just bad guys who sometimes do good things?
  • Could the Japanese dude running the temple be any cooler?
  • Are there just so many alternate realities that none of this really matters?
  • Will this episode of LOST actually answer more questions than it poses or is that still just a misadvertisement?

Shalom Seekers