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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

This month I became a baseball mom. Elijah started t-ball, which basically means 3-4 year olds learning which way to go around the bases and throw the ball by starting beside their heads. E likes to stand on 2nd base like Brandon Phillips and talk to everyone who comes by. Of course the most important part of t-ball is the snacks at the end. That was the bribe I used to get the kids to advance to the next base the few times I helped on the field - that and convincing them that no one was watching them. Craziness.

Videos of the superstar:
Elijah learning to throw a baseball
Elijah learning to bat

We continued trying to focus on the Lenten season, and of course I filled up a lot of notecards writing a Bible verse every time I got angry. The end of the school year stress probably didn't help! In the midst of Lent, Daddy decided to finally make the giant gingerbread men he purchased on sale after Christmas. Gross! But everyone had fun, and I threw those babies away as soon as I could!

Videos - Making gingerbread men at Easter
Caitlyn reading her last story of the year

Caitlyn was super excited about field day this year and even thought the cheer I composed for our team was "awesome". Unfortunately, for the third year in a row, she was on a team that stood little chance of winning. She was so discouraged when she realized there was no way, but for most of the day she had fun. Thankfully, my friend saved the day by inviting us over to see her new puppy! No one can be sad around a baby puppy. Even though our CC school year is over, we will keep doing some amount of school until we start 2nd grade next year. But the schoolwork pressure is off quite a bit for now, especially since we wrapped up grammar and writing!

More videos: The red team field day cheer I composed
Caitlyn's class singing at Parent's Night
Caitlyn and her best friend reciting poetry

The month seemed to speed up rather than slow down after school "ended". We took field trips to learn about military history and farming, held baby goats, hit the Harrisburg Easter egg hunt, hosted my family for Easter weekend, visited an exotic animal park, and attended The Reluctant Dragon at Imaginon.

You can see more pictures from the month by clicking here.

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