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Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Ah, November. The month when you finally get around to carving jack-o'-lanterns and name them thankful lanterns or some such nonsense. We also celebrated my Grandma Audrey's 86th birthday - a really great celebration since she had a close call last month. We voted, wrapped up cheerleading season with a medals and cookies, hit the Harrisburg Fall Festival, and roasted marshmallows at the annual church homeschool group soup night. Because I hate wasting food, I roasted, pureed, and froze 14 pumpkins that couldn't find a home and am now sneaking pumpkin into every dish I prepare.

On a more meaningful note, the kids and I had the opportunity to take a tour at the Operation Christmas child packing facility in Charlotte. I left with an understanding that the huge number of boxes we send from America are only a tiny drop in what would be needed to reach the children in India alone. Our family was also thankful to travel to Ohio for Thanksgiving to play backyard football, eat with family, and reflect on how blessed we are. The highlight of the weekend was the Bruckmann grandchildren's talent show. From youngest to oldest, they each impressed us with their growing skills! We continued the tradition of a family reenactment of the Thanksgiving story and even headed downtown for the Christmas tree lighting.

Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season to come to all!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beavers and Their Lodges

After her Ants and the Grasshoppers story was such a hit, Caitlyn asked me to post her first nonfiction report of the year. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pioneer Day

While learning about Westward Expansion, we checked out a Little House on the Prairie cookbook from the library. Caitlyn had a blast making sausage balls, homemade lemonade, and other recipes. She set up a nice dinner to surprise Daddy when he came home. She also wanted to put together an informational video about how to make butter and live on the trail. This is take two because she was not satisfied with Elijah's performance in take one. Enjoy!

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's October, Baby

October was a mixed bag. We had some unexpected losses and close calls in my extended family, but also had some happy times. The happiest was our friends inviting us to the beach with them. I have never been on a fall trip to the beach since I lived there, so I was excited. Not excited enough to swim once Daddy arrived, but excited nonetheless. We even were able to visit with some old friends and hold their sweet baby daughter until the no-see-ums started eating us to pieces. Caitlyn competed in a cheerleading competition on our way home, and I was proud of how well the girls did.

Originally Caitlyn was going to be a cheerleader and Elijah was going to be a soccer player for Halloween. This non-crafty mom was sold. Then they wanted to be Anna and Elsa until I told them they would have to buy the costumes themselves and showed them prices. Finally Caitlyn put together a pop star outfit for herself and a superhero outfit for her brother. He was a little confused about who he was with a black mask and black cape. He walked up to one house muttering, "I'm Batman-Spiderman-Superman-Spiderman". They got plenty of candy anyway!

Here's a video of one of Caitlyn's cheer stunts:

Here's one of Elijah singing You Are My Sunshine for his speech in class.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Rest of September

He sadly informed me, "Mama. Dis died."
Well. Elijah's surgery was the climax of the month. Then came the recovery. To let you know how that went, here are my two status updates from the following day.
My people. The meds are making the boy crazier. Wilder. Rougher. Hungrier. Keep-touching-your-sister-ier. Call-your-pharmacist-uncle-because-isn't-oxy-supposed-to-be-sedating kind of crazy. He was not a calm and gentle child to begin with. help.... me... ‪#‎IWasToldThereWouldBeSnuggles

You wouldn't believe yesterday's drama if I told you, so here's a few excerpts from this morning's. -- Fighting children. Need to unpack and clean house from being gone a week. Girl flipping out over the smallest thing. Boy recovering from surgery. Dead decaying turtle in the tank that somehow escaped James Bruckmann's notice. Giant panic attack. Scooped out living turtle from the watery grave using a dustbin while praying at the top of my lungs.

It's like on Hoarders when they tell the homeowner that there are mummified cats under the piles of dirty dishes.
Yep. Easy peesy.

Caitlyn started cheering at the football games this month, although they don't give us a very good schedule. It makes it tough to figure out how to plan for her games and Elijah's soccer games. (I marvel at the parents who have 2+ kids in sports and handle it well.) She also turned 8 this month and is becoming such a young lady, but still she has the fun and silliness of a little girl.

Elijah and I drove back to Chapel Hill for his followup appointment where we again waited much longer than expected. Thankfully our friend took Caitlyn to a play in Charlotte, so I did not have to deal with kids fighting on the drive. We also enjoyed a trip around the world that weekend at the UNCC International Festival.

The kids and I had the opportunity to visit Monticello for their Home Educators Day. We were slightly late for our tour because on the way up a backseat brawl began over an empty bagel wrapper. While I was pulled over refereeing, one of those wide load half of a house trucks passed us. We then had to follow said truck for 30 miles. In the Virginia mountains. Yay. We did learn a lot about the time period and Jefferson himself, and I learned that we shouldn't take trips to locations more than five miles from our home.

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A video of Elijah getting his wiggles out at Red Bowl after our last hospital visit.

Caitlyn's first cheering at the Cowboys pep rally.

An informative video about a plant at Monticello.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well Done, Grasshopper

I try not to brag, but sometimes it can't be helped. Check out this story my second grader authored and illustrated using a key word outline she wrote. She even typed it herself with just a bit of formatting help from mom.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

E's surgery

Elijah was born with a melanotic nevus, something in the mole family most people called a birthmark. At birth, our pediatrician told us that we would need to have it removed when he turned five. There wasn't much concern of cancer because he only had one, but having it removed would still be the thing to do. So at his four year checkup, she referred us to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said in no way would he have it removed because cells could be left behind and cancer could occur with no visual indicator. What? I was thrown for a loop. So we had a third opinion with a pediatric dermatologist. She told us that we should have it done, but only at Chapel Hill where there are specialized pediatric surgeons who would take enough margin to bring the cancer risk down to zero.

I stayed with my grandparents who are an hour away from Chapel Hill, because we wouldn't know the surgery time until the day before. This is laughable, because they told us to get there in the morning, but Elijah's surgery was pushed to 2 in the afternoon. It was a miracle that he wasn't grumpy with nothing to eat that day, because I was STARVING. As soon as they put him under, I took off my surgical gear and headed straight for the cafeteria. Somehow we kept him occupied. I was glad Jamie decided to come. On the way, however, his transmission finally gave out. I had previously told him that should this happen, he was on his own. Wouldn't you know that with his luck he ended up breaking down right next to a car dealership where he test drove a vehicle to the hospital! But he was a great help in entertaining Elijah during the hours we had to wait.

When Elijah woke up, he was so violent from the anesthesia that they had to put him back under. I wish they had let me back there to help calm him when he woke up. He was hard to get to wake up the second time, but the nurses wanted to go home so we finally bribed him with some apple juice. Unfortunately for me, the pain medication they gave him made him CRAZY! This was especially unfortunate because the kids and I had to drive to the car dealership where we had to wait for an hour for Jamie to talk the price down on a van he purchased. (Seriously. My son is still bleeding from his stitches. Knock a thousand off and let's call it a day guys!) When we got home of course he wanted to eat snacks and run around all night with his dog rather than rest.

I am glad to have it done while he is young and bounces back so easily, but you try keeping him still so he can heal! Thank goodness his surgeon makes tight stitches.

While we ate another snack, Elijah made a flipagram of his day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Prior to Elijah's surgery, the kids and I stayed with my grandparents in Roxboro. One aunt entertained us with dinner and a waterfight, but I promised not to put up those photos (wink, wink). Another aunt took us to visit my cousins school, to say hello to our old dog, and on a field trip across the state line to Occaneechi State Park. Native Americans once lived here on an island in the Roanoke River and had wealth as a stronghold on the Great Trading Path. The tribe scattered as a result of Bacon's Rebellion, and the island is now a reservoir. We explored an ati - a typical dwelling place - and visited the small museum there. Caitlyn had a wonderful time with her stuffed pet fox as she pretended to be the matriarch of the tribe.

I think you will see how I could count this as a school field trip when you see what Elijah learned about the Native American roots of the game of golf - proof that these natives came from Scotland, not across the Bering Sea. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

There Goes August

I used to think of August as my birthday month. Ah, the old days. Besides the lovely onslaught of Facebook well wishes you happily slog through, once you're a mom with a shared birthday month, it's all about the kid. I did get to go out to eat for my birthday, and that's all I really want! Plus my amazing nephew was here, visiting and being a great help to me. That was a great gift.

Caitlyn started her cheer practice this month. She's the smallest and youngest, so guess who gets held up in the air for the stunts. Of course she loves it! I was the dorky mom at the back taking two and a half pages of notes with diagrams so we could try to work on it at home. (In my defense, most of the other girls have cheered before and know what's up.)

Elijah started soccer and turned 5 this month. It's just too fast. His dad and I (well, mostly his dad) rearranged his room to make space for his new bunk bed. It only took two days and nights to put together. Sheesh. But what he really wanted? A chocolate bunny. In August. Thankfully my sister came to the rescue with one never eaten from last Easter. Saved. The. Day. He was excited about the bunk bed, although I won't let him sleep on the top until he stops coming into our room at night. I would never sleep out of fear of hearing a dreadful thump!

Jamie wanted to visit the Kannapolis Rec park for a swim. We were taking care of my friend's sweet little girl, so a fun trip sounded like a great plan. The pools and water slide were fun and the putt putt was run down but free. The craziest thing was that some kids convinced Caitlyn that she couldn't swim in one wading pool unless she was in their club. Elementary kids are ridiculous sometimes!

Jamie joined the ice bucket challenge and the kids wanted to join in. Here's the proof!

Other highlights include a trip to the UNC/Liberty football game and the kids' joint swimming pool birthday party followed by a back to school bash I won to Romp and Roll. Thanks to my friend for use of her pool. That was the easiest birthday party ever! Caitlyn wanted to make a video for everyone at Romp n Roll, so here you go!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Flies By

Smack dab in the middle of summer, July is a month that begs to be crammed full of activities. July fourth parades & cookouts, swimming, and baseball in the backyard make us all feel more American. In a month already stuffed with too many activities, including our last single digit anniversary, Jamie decided we needed to cram in a trip to Cincinnati. His main reason? He wanted to eat junk food. I guess I've pushed too many veggies from the CSA. He also wanted to see his family and have some fun, but we were about to see them at the end of the month. You decide. He found a great deal that would allow us to all visit the Newport Aquarium followed by Grandpa treating everyone to a feast at the Hofbrauhaus.We also fit in visits with two of his high school friends and their children, a backyard soccer game, and a ladies luncheon in which the little girls modeled the dresses they had sewn with Granny. (The girls later had a hilarious conversation that I joined in.)

On the way back home, we dropped off my nephew and picked up some amazing blueberries that my mom's friend had picked for us. Caitlyn and Elijah had fun daring each other to eat the green ones.

Granny found a time share in Tennessee that could accommodate them, us, and Jamie's sister's family. Before we drove there, Jamie found out that his van needed a new transmission. He was sure we could make it to the vacation anyway. I was pretty anxious about it all, so once we were there I insisted that we either ride with his family or bike where we needed to go. (This meant I didn't go to the flea market, where Jamie brought Caitlyn this bear that is bigger than her. Yikes!) I never thought of what it was like for Elijah to travel in the bike trailer, but he documented it for us. We had a big scare when Caitlyn took a tumble while riding on the road and I had to quickly maneuver to hit her helmet and fall myself rather than run over her. Thankfully we all survived.

Middle Tennessee is filled with state parks where you can hike, fish, view waterfalls, canoe, and occasionally letterbox. We were not at the time share much, but the lake, pools, and putt-putt there were enjoyable.  We hiked to the falls at Burgess Falls State Park where the kids argued over walking sticks they picked up. We also found a letterbox at the World's Largest Treehouse, but unfortunately the fire marshal had closed down the house itself. It looked like it would be a lot of fun to climb. We hunted a few more letterboxes, but Elijah sabotaged the GPS in may car, sending us to a Cracker Barrel rather than the last hunt. We realized it after driving for ten minutes in the wrong direction and spent some time waiting for the other group at a thrift shop. While Jamie and his sister took the kids to ride go-carts and so on, his parents and I drove to Alvin C. York State Park. I was excited about it after studying World War I and his heroism. My father-in-law has difficulty walking, but his wife convinced him to go on a "moderate" hike to the grave site. It wasn't long before we realized it wasn't so moderate. We were almost to the end when we spied a steep suspension bridge to get across the water. Grandpa was a trooper and made it across and then up the steep stairs at the end. I was helpful and ran back to get the car and pick them up on the other side.

At Cumberland Mountain State Park we were excited to have my friend Rebecca Ann with us, but sad that she was with us because she was on her way to move away to Tennessee. She helped us find the letterbox on our hike and stayed for lunch. After sadly bidding goodbye to her, Elijah having some bad behavior in the restaurant, and Jamie abandoning me to play tennis, I grabbed E's fishing pole so we could go down to fish with the others. I was not in the best spirits, to say the least. I thought it would be a good idea to take a potty break first. He was holding his pole, and when we went into the bathroom stall I realized that the line went out the bathroom door. Thinking it had only gotten caught there, I left him to grab the end of the line. Apparently he had been holding the button down. The line went out the bathroom, through the lobby, out the entrance, and was wound around the flowers and shrubbery outside. Senior citizens were getting tangled in it. I frantically stopped and untangled the people as I tried to gather the line. After I got it all together, I went to find Elijah, knowing that by this time he could be anywhere. The blessing that saved my sanity was this. When I reentered the building, Elijah was standing there with a couple who looked vaguely familiar. After a second, I realized it was Ed and Marcia, a couple I had spoken to after a welcome breakfast at our timeshare because they had the same name as my parents. They had also come to the state park for a visit, noticed what was going on, and came over to stand with Elijah. What a blessing! Later while we were fishing, they paddled by on a canoe. They called over, "Has our grandson caught anything?" Elijah spent the rest of the day trying to spot "our other family". I thank God for the kindness of strangers at just the right moment.

The highlight of Caitlyn's day was when she finally caught her first fish. I was most impressed that Elijah and I were able to paddle a canoe without capsizing. I was even able to take a video to prove it!

Our immediate family borrow a car and drove to Falls Creek Falls State Park. Daddy begged me to do the ropes course with Elijah. Oh. My. Word. Have I ever been more submissive? The whole thing was a mini panic attack coupled with working every muscle of my body to keep the kid going across the thing. After all that clipping in and out of the obstacles. The last step was me zip-lining down to the bottom then waiting for him to follow. That probably only took a month off my life. But, soon I can look back on the photos through the haze of my fuzzy memory and pretend it was a grand adventure.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Da Beach!

We were invited to spend the week after VBS with the family of Jamie's coworker. While it was a great deal to split a beach week, I was a bit nervous about staying with people I had never met. Boy am I glad my beach loving self won out over my introvert self. We loved them! The dad of the family had managed to get what I call the penthouse suite from a woman who had to give up her beach week to attend the birth of her grandchild. (I suppose I would have made the same choice...)

We stayed right on the corner of the 5th floor, overlooking the beach from both balconies. Although Jamie played tennis at the club almost every morning, the water at Hilton Head was so calm that I could take the kids out every morning alone. I am now spoiled for all future vacations.

At first Elijah was afraid of the ocean, even with Mommy holding him. For the first couple of days he kept begging to go to the "Da beach wif no sand. Da wittle beach. Wif no sand!" (aka the pool). Of course by the end of the week he did not want to leave the ocean. He fell in love with the friends we stayed with and was crushed when they left earlier than us. Thankfully my mom and niece came for a couple of days and made up for it.

Caitlyn signed up for two lessons with a tennis pro. She really did a great job following in her Daddy's footsteps. She also managed to pull out a tooth at the beach and get an ocean visit from the Tooth Fairy. When I told her to smile for a toothless photo, she tried to think of something funny. She imagined her brother with a girlfriend and really cracked up!

Jamie and I enjoyed a zipline adventure for one of his "40 Things". Later he and Caitlyn conquered the ropes course. That girl can climb! The week was busy with a sandcastle competition, finding sand dollars and setting them free, lots of ice cream, mini golf, hiking, letterboxing, playgrounds, climbing the lighthouse, exploring the island wildlife, biking the beach, and playing in the ocean. Whew!

Flipagram of a day at the beach - http://youtu.be/913yaYe7n2g
Elijah cheering Caitlyn on at the ropes course - http://youtu.be/8I6ea2MYVEE
Kids dancing to "Fins" at Shannon Tanner concert - http://youtu.be/_AU0PyIWVCE

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Friday, June 20, 2014

VBS 2014

Our church puts on an amazing VBS. With limited workers and limited resources, I am floored at how well everything seems to turn out (at the last minute). There are so many talented and hard working people at our church. Jamie is in charge of recreation - not a ton of preplanning but way too much time in the heat without a break when the week arrives. He is so high energy and perfect for the job. Caitlyn was excited to be in his rotation this year.

My job is drama/music/worship rally - an exciting 3 in 1 combo. I am able to work with the 5th graders on memorizing daily dramas as well as the Thursday night program. (Basically I bribe them with a pool party.) This is such a great way for me to know them when they come into the youth next year. Along with an energetic team of youth/college kids I plan and open up the day with a worship rally that focuses everyone in on the theme of the day, shares about our missions focus, and helps teach the songs of the week. During rotation time, we teach the 1-5 grade classes the songs and motions we will be performing on Thursday night family night. It's amazing how much the kids can learn - 6 songs in 4 days to sing and share God's love to their families and friends!

Here's one of Elijah's songs. He was pretty distracted and didn't sing much this night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bDX_hsKZSc 

Jamie recorded most of the kids' performance since I was directing. I didn't expect him to record the drama, just C's songs. But here's what he got! His poor arm was exhausted, especially since he had to go to the back and plug the camera in because I didn't have it sufficiently charged! What a trooper my sweet husband is.

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3

We're worn out and heading to the beach for some R&R! You can see more pics from VBS by clicking here and scrolling about halfway down!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 60th Mom!

I needed to attend a practicum in Asheville the first week of June. That could not have worked out better for me, because the first week of June is my nephew's 16th birthday and my mom's 60th! My niece and nephew were already out of school, so they let Caitlyn hang out with them while I was in Asheville each day. Elijah went to a play camp at the practicum, and we were able to eat lunch with mom and her coworkers on her birthday.

Mom loves people, and I wish we could have somehow brought in all her friends and family for a surprise party. But since that wasn't feasible, my sister and I put together a memory jar for her. Friends and family from present and past sent in memories, and we printed them for the jar. Since we hacked her email for addresses, she even got some messages from random former business associates. Even they loved her! Who wouldn't?

Mom has always been there for her children and grandchildren - at our best and our worst. She is one of the hardest working and caring people in the universe and a great example of what a mom and Grandmama should be.

Happy birthday from us all!

If you haven't sent a message or memory, send me an email or comment below. We did a jar and not a book so that we can add on anytime!

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

This month Elijah has been really enjoying t-ball season and making up songs for me. He and some of his classmates sang a few songs before Caitlyn's spring musical at church. She amazes me with her ability to memorize songs so quickly. Music runs through her veins for sure!

For Mothers' Day I was blessed that my mom, sister & family, aunt, and maternal grandparents could meet us in the middle to visit over some good food and celebrate Mother's Day. A huge storm put an end to our plan to letterbox and walk at a nearby park, but at least the food and the company was fantastic!

We also enjoyed an employee picnic with Daddy at Dan Nicolas Park, strawberry picking (& eating) at Patterson Farms, and a birthday party with extended family for my niece and nephew. Jamie even took a few kids on a rail trail for a bike ride. We Bruckmanns are always on the move!

Click here for more pictures from May.

If you've been looking for hours of videos of my children, wait no longer! The 6-12th videos are from C's musical.

Elijah Walking onto Intimidators Field
Elijah's song - My Friend is Bad, My Friend is Good
Elijah's song - My Friend is Bad, My Friend is Good Take 2
Bubble Time Flipagram
Mission Friends songs
Here for the Gold
The Building Song
About You and Me
Good Samarifriend
Seventy Times Seven
Real Love
Love Light with Here for the Gold Reprise
Elijah playing cars with Granddaddy Alvin
Elijah playing Ninja Turtles with Granddaddy Harold
Pickup ballgame at my grandparent's house

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

This month I became a baseball mom. Elijah started t-ball, which basically means 3-4 year olds learning which way to go around the bases and throw the ball by starting beside their heads. E likes to stand on 2nd base like Brandon Phillips and talk to everyone who comes by. Of course the most important part of t-ball is the snacks at the end. That was the bribe I used to get the kids to advance to the next base the few times I helped on the field - that and convincing them that no one was watching them. Craziness.

Videos of the superstar:
Elijah learning to throw a baseball
Elijah learning to bat

We continued trying to focus on the Lenten season, and of course I filled up a lot of notecards writing a Bible verse every time I got angry. The end of the school year stress probably didn't help! In the midst of Lent, Daddy decided to finally make the giant gingerbread men he purchased on sale after Christmas. Gross! But everyone had fun, and I threw those babies away as soon as I could!

Videos - Making gingerbread men at Easter
Caitlyn reading her last story of the year

Caitlyn was super excited about field day this year and even thought the cheer I composed for our team was "awesome". Unfortunately, for the third year in a row, she was on a team that stood little chance of winning. She was so discouraged when she realized there was no way, but for most of the day she had fun. Thankfully, my friend saved the day by inviting us over to see her new puppy! No one can be sad around a baby puppy. Even though our CC school year is over, we will keep doing some amount of school until we start 2nd grade next year. But the schoolwork pressure is off quite a bit for now, especially since we wrapped up grammar and writing!

More videos: The red team field day cheer I composed
Caitlyn's class singing at Parent's Night
Caitlyn and her best friend reciting poetry

The month seemed to speed up rather than slow down after school "ended". We took field trips to learn about military history and farming, held baby goats, hit the Harrisburg Easter egg hunt, hosted my family for Easter weekend, visited an exotic animal park, and attended The Reluctant Dragon at Imaginon.

You can see more pictures from the month by clicking here.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

For a few months I worked with the "Bible Buddies" 1st and 2nd graders at church on Sunday nights. We memorized some verses and learned to find books of the Bible. Before the official Bible Drill, my kids showed what they had learned. Caitlyn was proud of her certificate, but when she saw the old one I had recently uncovered at my Mom's house, she was disappointed that hers lacked shiny stickers.

One night at bedtime, the kids happened upon some old cassette tapes. They thought it would be fun to pull all the tape out, wrap it all around the railings of the stairs, and "decorate". In their defense, it does look a lot like tinsel. I needed to find a new home for those anyway. That home is now the city landfill.

We attended an Ash Wednesday service geared towards families. What a great way to start the Lenten season! Caitlyn's cabbage patch doll even received ashes. Although I tried to convince the Holy Spirit for a couple of weeks that it was not a good idea, I gave up anger for Lent. So every time I raise my voice or lose my temper, I have to write out a verse on anger. I'm going to need more notecards...

During the week we learned about the Vietnam War I scheduled a field trip to my former mentor's farmstead. He served in Vietnam and taught military history. The kids learned about the war, heard some great stories, learned about beekeeping, played with chickens and goats, and were well behaved enough to be invited back when the baby goats are born.

My cousin snagged us some passes to Great Wolf Lodge. We had an awesome time, and Caitlyn & I even convinced Elijah to try some of the water slides with us. Now every time we drive past Elijah asks, "Can we go to Gate Woof Wodge?" Every. Time.

I also took Caitlyn to her first homeschool roller skate. She was super proud of herself because she went out for the "fast skate" for her age group. She is now convinced that she could handle a roller derby. I received a workout trying to drag Elijah upright around the rink! Her Daddy took her to the last day of skiing at Sugar Mtn, but Elijah and I sat that one out.

Speaking of Elijah, here are some related status updates:

14 March
Just a normal afternoon: "Look at my boy on the playground. He is becoming so mature and playing so well with kids he doesn't know." A few minutes later: pretend not to see said child peeing off the play structure since no other parents are looking and no children are freaking out. #OneStepForward#TwoStepsBack

19 March
The scene opens with mom in a relaxing shower*...
Elijah: I going to do a magic trick.
Mom: Ok, I'll see it when I get out. Can you tell me what it is?
Elijah: I give 'Zekiel a lot of dog treats, and he going to throw up.
 — feeling apprehensive.
Scene 2: Mom and Elijah are cleaning his room. Mom hands Elijah a piece of pink plastic.
Mom: Can you please throw this in the trash?
Elijah: NO! Dat my special ting! Dat from my Sunday 'Cool on top of my cupcake!
Mom: (without a trace of irony) Okay. Put it in your treasure box.


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