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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy 60th Mom!

I needed to attend a practicum in Asheville the first week of June. That could not have worked out better for me, because the first week of June is my nephew's 16th birthday and my mom's 60th! My niece and nephew were already out of school, so they let Caitlyn hang out with them while I was in Asheville each day. Elijah went to a play camp at the practicum, and we were able to eat lunch with mom and her coworkers on her birthday.

Mom loves people, and I wish we could have somehow brought in all her friends and family for a surprise party. But since that wasn't feasible, my sister and I put together a memory jar for her. Friends and family from present and past sent in memories, and we printed them for the jar. Since we hacked her email for addresses, she even got some messages from random former business associates. Even they loved her! Who wouldn't?

Mom has always been there for her children and grandchildren - at our best and our worst. She is one of the hardest working and caring people in the universe and a great example of what a mom and Grandmama should be.

Happy birthday from us all!

If you haven't sent a message or memory, send me an email or comment below. We did a jar and not a book so that we can add on anytime!

For more birthday week pics, click here!

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