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Friday, June 20, 2014

VBS 2014

Our church puts on an amazing VBS. With limited workers and limited resources, I am floored at how well everything seems to turn out (at the last minute). There are so many talented and hard working people at our church. Jamie is in charge of recreation - not a ton of preplanning but way too much time in the heat without a break when the week arrives. He is so high energy and perfect for the job. Caitlyn was excited to be in his rotation this year.

My job is drama/music/worship rally - an exciting 3 in 1 combo. I am able to work with the 5th graders on memorizing daily dramas as well as the Thursday night program. (Basically I bribe them with a pool party.) This is such a great way for me to know them when they come into the youth next year. Along with an energetic team of youth/college kids I plan and open up the day with a worship rally that focuses everyone in on the theme of the day, shares about our missions focus, and helps teach the songs of the week. During rotation time, we teach the 1-5 grade classes the songs and motions we will be performing on Thursday night family night. It's amazing how much the kids can learn - 6 songs in 4 days to sing and share God's love to their families and friends!

Here's one of Elijah's songs. He was pretty distracted and didn't sing much this night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bDX_hsKZSc 

Jamie recorded most of the kids' performance since I was directing. I didn't expect him to record the drama, just C's songs. But here's what he got! His poor arm was exhausted, especially since he had to go to the back and plug the camera in because I didn't have it sufficiently charged! What a trooper my sweet husband is.

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3

We're worn out and heading to the beach for some R&R! You can see more pics from VBS by clicking here and scrolling about halfway down!

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