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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"I don't believe in a lot of things but I do believe in duct tape."

(Cue LOST death scene music) At the end of the season finale of LOST a silence hung heavy over the room, as if no one wanted to be the one to break the spell and admit it was all over. One friend who texted felt lied to and didn't expect the ending. My cousin Wendy loved the idea of couples going to "heaven" together - I suppose Jack's "live together die alone" should have the addendum "live together again". My feelings were somewhere in the middle, along the lines of "yeah, that's about right". I don't know what people were expecting, but I tend to go into these sorts of things a bit jaded with low expectations. After all, the only thing that would have truly satisfied me would be for producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof to come on and say, "Just kidding! We're really going to run the series into the ground until we answer every single question, explore every bit of island mythology, and no one but you is watching the show". Par for the course, the finale answered a few questions while creating a myriad more.

Really I should have seen it coming. After all they only said the island wasn't purgatory, never the flash sideways world. I was so sucked into my idea of parallel universes that even Desmond's almost angelic state didn't clue me in. LOST has always been much about an American new agey ecumenical blind faith versus science/reason, and faith did seem to usually gain the upper hand. So the "all dogs go to heaven" ending shouldn't have been surprising to anyone (which of course means Vincent was already in the light).

The point of the show was apparently the flash sideways world where people are able to work things out before moving on to "the other side", and the warm fuzzy was that you don't have to go alone. Jack, Sun, John, Miles, Faraday, and to some extent Claire all had "Daddy" issues to work out. Jack worked through his by creating an imaginary son and break the cycle of terse parenting which I suppose also allowed Juliet to work out any Mommy issues she had from not being able to save the pregnant women on the island. He also has to "fix" people and work through his god complex to some extent. Not surprisingly Jack has the hardest time letting go out of all the ones who end up in the room together. He always did get stuck on an idea and need some drastic act (like talking to his dead father) in order to let go. Sun and Jin were able to let go of all the mess caused by Sun's mobster style father. John creates a scenario where he has hurt his wonderful caring father (instead of vice versa) and is finally able to let go. Faith remains the cornerstone of his existence as he is able dramatically rise from his wheelchair and enter Eloise's church "fixed". Miles is able to live as an adult with a normal relationship with his father since in that world his father wasn't gassed to death.

Sayid's soul must not have been fully cleansed by his exploding self sacrifice because he had to use his killer skills one more time to save the girl he thought he loved before saving Shannon and realizing that she was his true soul mate.

It was nice that after Jack saved the world from electromagnetism/the powers of darkness without somehow becoming smoke monster the sequel Jorge ended up as the protector of the island, also allowing Ben to be a "great number two" and finally get the recognition and position he had always desired. The only thing Jorge needed was to feel lucky for once and live carefree for once. Ben apparently didn't find enough redemption from this number two position or the flash sideways character change of being meek and caring for his one time daughter. In my mind he eventually finds family with Rousseau and Alex so they can all "go into the light" together.

Sawyer and Kate both need a chance to be good guys, and it could be implied that in the flash sideways world Kate actually was innocent. Sawyer was able to choose a different path where he used his past for the forces of good rather than evil by being a cop. I was glad to see him and Juliet end up as soul mates as they were my favorite couple on the show, which also allowed Jack and Kate to be together drama free. I'm just a sap like that.

I was glad that Claire (and Charlie) needed Aaron to be able to cross over. (It always bothered me that Sun & Jin weren't ever super concerned about Ji Yeon, although I suppose it was the ultrasound of their daughter that allowed them to reach enlightenment.) Charlie only needed Claire since he had really reached enlightenment and peace before he died.

I do wonder how it works that some people in the "purgatory world" were imaginary (e.g. Jack's son) while some were still working through their soul issues (e.g. Eloise Hawking). So we end things still with much to ponder, with a series that could still be watched again with much to discover, and with the strange lingering feeling that we are still a bit lost about LOST.

Friday, May 21, 2010

How we roll

We really need to start writing down all the funny things that our daughter says. Of course, they aren't as funny unless you can see it. Maybe I need to convince TLC to give us our own reality show after I clean my house. For example, one day when I was coloring on the floor Jamie grabbed Caitlyn with the predictable "Save me Mommy!" ensuing. Since I was too tired (lazy) to get up I just stuck out my hand and said "THE FORCE". Since that day using the force has become an integral defense strategy. Caitlyn thinks it really should be done by holding up four fingers with a crayon between the middle and ring finger since it was demonstrated in said fashion. This weekend she was playing with her 12 year old Jedi cousin when "The Force" started being thrown around. Then from the living room you hear the three year old wisdom, "actually Taylor, that's not the force... that's just pushing". Genius.

I also think my parenting skills have gotten a little lax. Elijah is going through some wicked separation anxiety - to the point that he will throw up at night if he wakes up alone in his crib and no one comes to get him. So of course I just have Jamie bring him in to sleep with Mommy when he cries. (The pediatrician backs me up - get off my back.) Caitlyn had a throw down all day from Daddy to daycare on Wednesday. When I picked her up did I give her a nice pep talk about emotions and choices? a lovely story from the Old Testament? a conversation about pleasing Jesus, God, parents, and teachers? Of course I didn't. I said, "Caitlyn, what would Ni Hao Ki Lan do?" Caitlyn: "She'd say, 'You gotta gotta try to find a reason why.'" So I go into a talk about how on said Nick Jr. show the tiger was able to calm down and change his attitude by swaying and making a choice to be happy. Whatever works, right?

In our family Daddy drives the minivan and Mommy drives the smallest car possible with two carseats, but this video is SO us. I can especially see Jamie & Caitlyn Anne in the tea party scene.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Viva Verde

On Earth Day my mother-in-law called and told me that Earth Day reminded her of me. Apparently I'm the most environmental person she knows what with my composting our scraps, trying to convert to flexitarianism, recycling whatever we can, and trying to convince her to use reusable bags and recycle the reams of junk mail they receive daily. I'll take it as a compliment, but I don't think we're the gold standard by any means. Working next to a giant mountain of landfill has that effect on you.

This year we went to the Viva Verde celebration in Kannapolis where we received a reusable bag from Target and Wal-Mart, ate snacks, voted in a photo contest, got to play some fun kids games, and saw lots of cool booths on composting/recycling/animals/etc. It was nice to see so many teenagers involved in the conservation including the one who painted pink and purple flowers on Caitlyn's face, Elijah stole hearts in his "Let's Go Green" t-shirt, and Jamie recycled some nasty tennis shoes that have been cluttering our garage. Anyone have any good "Go Green" advice?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flooding in Nashville

The flooding in Tennessee isn't getting very much media coverage, so I thought I'd link to a couple of YouTube videos about it. I have friends from college whose house is totally flooded, and many others are in the same situation.

If you've ever been to the OpryLand Hotel it is hard to imagine it underwater, but here is a video:

Keep them in your prayers and consider sending some help if you can!

Shalom Seekers