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Friday, May 21, 2010

How we roll

We really need to start writing down all the funny things that our daughter says. Of course, they aren't as funny unless you can see it. Maybe I need to convince TLC to give us our own reality show after I clean my house. For example, one day when I was coloring on the floor Jamie grabbed Caitlyn with the predictable "Save me Mommy!" ensuing. Since I was too tired (lazy) to get up I just stuck out my hand and said "THE FORCE". Since that day using the force has become an integral defense strategy. Caitlyn thinks it really should be done by holding up four fingers with a crayon between the middle and ring finger since it was demonstrated in said fashion. This weekend she was playing with her 12 year old Jedi cousin when "The Force" started being thrown around. Then from the living room you hear the three year old wisdom, "actually Taylor, that's not the force... that's just pushing". Genius.

I also think my parenting skills have gotten a little lax. Elijah is going through some wicked separation anxiety - to the point that he will throw up at night if he wakes up alone in his crib and no one comes to get him. So of course I just have Jamie bring him in to sleep with Mommy when he cries. (The pediatrician backs me up - get off my back.) Caitlyn had a throw down all day from Daddy to daycare on Wednesday. When I picked her up did I give her a nice pep talk about emotions and choices? a lovely story from the Old Testament? a conversation about pleasing Jesus, God, parents, and teachers? Of course I didn't. I said, "Caitlyn, what would Ni Hao Ki Lan do?" Caitlyn: "She'd say, 'You gotta gotta try to find a reason why.'" So I go into a talk about how on said Nick Jr. show the tiger was able to calm down and change his attitude by swaying and making a choice to be happy. Whatever works, right?

In our family Daddy drives the minivan and Mommy drives the smallest car possible with two carseats, but this video is SO us. I can especially see Jamie & Caitlyn Anne in the tea party scene.


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