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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flashback - April 2011

When my mom flipped through my camera pics and mentioned how cute the strawberry picking pictures were (from May), I realized that I might be a bit behind on my blog posts. Now that the crazy summer travel is almost over (one more weekend trip to go!) and the kid's mudfest birthday party is over I am determined this week to get the pics organized and off my camera so I can truly begin an organized new year. If you love pics and videos of my adorable kids, this is your lucky week!

Let's kick things off with a video that shows poor Elijah scavenging for bits of oatmeal his sister may have left behind. (FYI - he started saying "Hey Baby!" to the basketball goal my parents bought him, not to pick up cute toddlerettes at the playground.)

We also hit Minnie Mouse Day at the mall, wrapped up the soccer season with team pics,

attended Daddy's regional tennis tournament,

helped Ezekiel learn to fit in at our house,

received a basketball goal from my parents,

used the force at my cousin Walker's Star Wars birthday at the skating rink (check out Jamie's dance moves),

enjoyed a visit from Jamie's parents and my niece,

and celebrated Easter.

Gracefully handling showing up in the
same dress as a friend
Defending the kingdom
Sometime playdates are sad
Rocking a sombrero

Shalom Seekers