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Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Notes

In my quest to win the coveted slacker mom of the year award, we did not carve our pumpkins in October. Thankfully, the kiddos were hyped about painting November Thanksgiving pumpkins which will now be left forgotten to rot on the porch.

The kids and I traveled to see my grandmother for her birthday - so blessed to still have her in our lives even though Parkinson's is taking its toll. We stayed up late to watch the rocket launch, my son taking my boots and my daughter taking my flip flops. Yep, that was me in the yard wearing flip flops and a bathrobe over my pjs. Our good friends went to Great Wolf Lodge for their son's birthday and invited us along with their extra passes. It's great to be the cool kids! Every night since Elijah talked about the big bucket and the water slides - both of which he was actually afraid of.

On the way to Ohio for Thanksgiving, we stopped to eat lunch with my family and have a quick snowball fight. We had a great time in Ohio with Jamie's family. The kids loved hanging out with their three cousins as well as the rest of the family. We even made it to their cousin's bowling party! And of course we all went to see the movie of the year, Frozen. Our kids shared with their cousins the tradition of hitting the "dance floor" at the front of the theater during the credits.

Some of my crazy status updates from the month:

If you saw a somewhat frazzled mom driving through Charlotte with a mostly naked 4 year old in the back seat, worry not. We're all good now.

On the way out of church I said, "let's see what kind of moon it is. Oh look! It's gibbous!"

Caitlyn responded, "What?! Gibbous already? I didn't know it was that late." — 

Me: Elijah, if you don't start cleaning up that game you dumped out, I'm just going to have to spank you.
Elijah: Well, God say no hit!

Well played, son. Well played.

That awkward moment when your son is playing in the backyard, pulls down his undies and pants to use the sand area as a potty, and tangles himself hopelessly in the dog yard leash. — feeling tired.

Up since 5:30 pondering the Thanksgiving travel dilemma. Why? An adorable 4 year old came into my room, ostensibly to protect me. Very kind of him. Said knight in shining armor is sitting on the floor playing on my ipod and polishing off half a bag of year old Skittles that Daddy found in his coat pocket last night. (Pretty sure I told you to throw those away James Bruckmann!!) — feeling sleepy.

Crawled back in bed to discuss travel plans with the husband so I could plan my coffee strategy. Easily deciphered screams and feet trampling sounds as big sister found little brother playing mom's iPod surrounded by Skittles on the floor and took control. Not suprising that she thought he was up to no good!

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