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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January recap

Since I'm swamped trying to sort through years of clothes and baby gear for a consignment sale, here's a quick recap of January. Caitlyn attended her first sleepover. My overprotective nature welled up and was a bit disappointed to never receive a call to come pick her up. Since the birthday girl had already spent the night at our house, I felt like I needed to say yes! Caitlyn loved it and stay up until 4:30 am! She only went to bed then because the mom made her. Somehow she was still well behaved in church the next day.

We also made a quick weekend trip to the mountains. Jamie took my nephew on his first skiing trip while I cleaned out some of my boxes in my parents' basement. The main reason we went up is to attend a reception honoring my Dad's decades of service at the church where I grew up. It was a bittersweet chance to say goodbye to many of the people who had influenced me in life. Don't my parents look great?

To see more pics from January click here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Up All Night

I finally turned on the TV so I
could finish working. You have
no idea how annoying Calliou
is at 1:45 am.
For my 100th post I bring you... insomnia man! Yes, this little fellow is not a fan of sleep. Last night he would scream like a banshee if I left his side. Even laying him next to Daddy, getting him to sleep, and rolling out of bed like a ninja caused him to instantly wake up in a panic. I finally brought him upstairs with me so I could put up the dinner leftovers and get my online Bible Study set up for today. A bit before 2 am I soothed him to sleep only to hear the pitter patter of little feet walking to our bed 6 minutes later. Exhausted and laughing rather than crying, I let him climb in bed with us. His mommy radar instantly went off when I got up just before 7, following me upstairs screaming loud enough to wake up his sister. Thanks Elijah.
Which one of my boys is the better sleeper?

One pot of coffee may not be enough today...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Young Picasso

Elijah has never been that into art, preferring to eat the crayons rather than color a picture. But apparently he just needed exposure to the right medium! Isn't this lovely? Now I am not into modern art, so can someone tell me what this picture represents? I'm thinking it's his take on the classic statue of The Thinker. What's your opinion? And can someone stop by the store and pick up some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?

Shalom Seekers