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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The fifth (and final) weekend of Christmas

Our whirlwind Christmas culminated with a visit to Jamie's family in Ohio. We had dinner parties with both sides of the family and really enjoyed catching up. I love my in-laws! My kids have such a great time with their cousins. They see each other only a few times a year but always pick right up where they left off. Grandpa treated the 3 older grandkids to a rendition of Snow White. (Snow White is all the rage lately what with Once Upon A Time on tv and two movies coming out soon. We are so hip!) Caitlyn is very into plays and was enraptured with the altered storyline. Many basketball and football games were watched, including one with Jamie's high school best friend and his children.

On a bittersweet note, I was glad to bring Sasha up with us, even though it meant I slept on the couch to keep an ear out for her. Jamie's parents and sister were able to see her for probably the last time. His sister's dog Watson had been buddies with Sasha when they were Carson Newman puppies, and unfortunately she had just found out that he has lymphatic cancer. I was glad we could say goodbye to sweet Watson and she could say goodbye to Sasha.

On a happier note, please enjoy this video of how white children breakdance, and click here to see the other pictures from our trip!

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