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Friday, January 6, 2012

But snow seemed like a good idea...

For our two week Chistmas trip I had checked the weather forecast up until the time we drove back from Ohio. I'm not sure if they even had a forecast available past that, but I should have at least consulted the Farmer's Almanac. So when the snow hit Canton we had winter coats but no snow bibs, gloves, or boots. Of course the kids are not going to miss a chance to play in the snow, especially since we live in an area that rarely gets any.

Caitlyn is cut from the same cloth as her mom, and the idea of playing in the snow was much better than the reality of it - especially without good snow gear. Being the good sport that I am, I made snowballs for her to throw at me so her hands wouldn't freeze. But I made her hold off on trying a snow angel until she was ready to go in. I knew that would send her inside in a screaming fit to her sympathetic grandmama.

Elijah loved the snow and had to be carried in kicking and screaming. He may have his dad's temperament for cold weather, but he was helped greatly by the fact that he never actually touched the snow. Apparently his consignment sale shoes are pretty watertight!

But seriously, doesn't playing in the snow always look much more fun when other people are doing it?

Elijah tried his best to entertain my Dad while he recovered from a hip replacement:

You can see more snow pics by clicking here.

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