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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January recap

Since I'm swamped trying to sort through years of clothes and baby gear for a consignment sale, here's a quick recap of January. Caitlyn attended her first sleepover. My overprotective nature welled up and was a bit disappointed to never receive a call to come pick her up. Since the birthday girl had already spent the night at our house, I felt like I needed to say yes! Caitlyn loved it and stay up until 4:30 am! She only went to bed then because the mom made her. Somehow she was still well behaved in church the next day.

We also made a quick weekend trip to the mountains. Jamie took my nephew on his first skiing trip while I cleaned out some of my boxes in my parents' basement. The main reason we went up is to attend a reception honoring my Dad's decades of service at the church where I grew up. It was a bittersweet chance to say goodbye to many of the people who had influenced me in life. Don't my parents look great?

To see more pics from January click here.

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  1. How fun for Caitlyn! And YES, your parents DO look great! Love all of you so much!


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