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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Karen, this one's for you

Caitlyn's speech Monday should have been a 2-3 minute speech on a famous scientist. I had an awesome children's book on Louis Pasteur all ready to go over with her! But I left it at home when we went to my parents' house. Instead of pulling an all-nighter with a 5 year old when we got home at 10 pm Sunday I told her she could just do her speech on anything she wanted to talk about. She chose the very scientific subject of my sister's new puppy, Jax. Here you go sis!

Elijah's opinion of the puppy:


  1. Lol! I love the "licking"!!!!! I'm pretty sure some slobber hit my face just watching him

  2. Caitlyn you did a wonderful job giving the speech on Jax! I am so glad I got to see it. Kylie really liked your speech too. Carol that video of Elijah was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Kylie and I watched it over and over a million times. It was the cutest thing ever lol. Tell Elijah he makes a good Jax impression!


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