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Friday, October 31, 2014

It's October, Baby

October was a mixed bag. We had some unexpected losses and close calls in my extended family, but also had some happy times. The happiest was our friends inviting us to the beach with them. I have never been on a fall trip to the beach since I lived there, so I was excited. Not excited enough to swim once Daddy arrived, but excited nonetheless. We even were able to visit with some old friends and hold their sweet baby daughter until the no-see-ums started eating us to pieces. Caitlyn competed in a cheerleading competition on our way home, and I was proud of how well the girls did.

Originally Caitlyn was going to be a cheerleader and Elijah was going to be a soccer player for Halloween. This non-crafty mom was sold. Then they wanted to be Anna and Elsa until I told them they would have to buy the costumes themselves and showed them prices. Finally Caitlyn put together a pop star outfit for herself and a superhero outfit for her brother. He was a little confused about who he was with a black mask and black cape. He walked up to one house muttering, "I'm Batman-Spiderman-Superman-Spiderman". They got plenty of candy anyway!

Here's a video of one of Caitlyn's cheer stunts:

Here's one of Elijah singing You Are My Sunshine for his speech in class.

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