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Sunday, August 31, 2014

There Goes August

I used to think of August as my birthday month. Ah, the old days. Besides the lovely onslaught of Facebook well wishes you happily slog through, once you're a mom with a shared birthday month, it's all about the kid. I did get to go out to eat for my birthday, and that's all I really want! Plus my amazing nephew was here, visiting and being a great help to me. That was a great gift.

Caitlyn started her cheer practice this month. She's the smallest and youngest, so guess who gets held up in the air for the stunts. Of course she loves it! I was the dorky mom at the back taking two and a half pages of notes with diagrams so we could try to work on it at home. (In my defense, most of the other girls have cheered before and know what's up.)

Elijah started soccer and turned 5 this month. It's just too fast. His dad and I (well, mostly his dad) rearranged his room to make space for his new bunk bed. It only took two days and nights to put together. Sheesh. But what he really wanted? A chocolate bunny. In August. Thankfully my sister came to the rescue with one never eaten from last Easter. Saved. The. Day. He was excited about the bunk bed, although I won't let him sleep on the top until he stops coming into our room at night. I would never sleep out of fear of hearing a dreadful thump!

Jamie wanted to visit the Kannapolis Rec park for a swim. We were taking care of my friend's sweet little girl, so a fun trip sounded like a great plan. The pools and water slide were fun and the putt putt was run down but free. The craziest thing was that some kids convinced Caitlyn that she couldn't swim in one wading pool unless she was in their club. Elementary kids are ridiculous sometimes!

Jamie joined the ice bucket challenge and the kids wanted to join in. Here's the proof!

Other highlights include a trip to the UNC/Liberty football game and the kids' joint swimming pool birthday party followed by a back to school bash I won to Romp and Roll. Thanks to my friend for use of her pool. That was the easiest birthday party ever! Caitlyn wanted to make a video for everyone at Romp n Roll, so here you go!

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