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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Prior to Elijah's surgery, the kids and I stayed with my grandparents in Roxboro. One aunt entertained us with dinner and a waterfight, but I promised not to put up those photos (wink, wink). Another aunt took us to visit my cousins school, to say hello to our old dog, and on a field trip across the state line to Occaneechi State Park. Native Americans once lived here on an island in the Roanoke River and had wealth as a stronghold on the Great Trading Path. The tribe scattered as a result of Bacon's Rebellion, and the island is now a reservoir. We explored an ati - a typical dwelling place - and visited the small museum there. Caitlyn had a wonderful time with her stuffed pet fox as she pretended to be the matriarch of the tribe.

I think you will see how I could count this as a school field trip when you see what Elijah learned about the Native American roots of the game of golf - proof that these natives came from Scotland, not across the Bering Sea. Enjoy.

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