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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The part of the childhood bear will now be played by one very nervous penguin

All signs point to Sasha - she was the only one not in a cage or aquarium at the time of the crime. More than likely she was jealous of the photo ops the inanimate object was receiving over her. . . or possibly decades old bear stuffing smells like liver. . . or she was upset that I spent the morning chasing/carrying the other dog back when he ran away. But for whatever reason the bear is no more. At least now I don't have to feel guilty when I finally threw the thing away after his commuted death sentence (1 year of photos) was up. You can see his portfolio by clicking here.

Best quotes of the day:
Student: Is this really a good definition for Messiah? an awaited deliverer>
Me: Yes, that's a pretty good definition.
Student: So the pizza guy is a Messiah?
Me: I guess it depends on how hungry you are.

Caitlyn: Mommy, did you know God takes care of us?
Me: Yes honey, God does take care of us.
Caitlyn: Did you know God takes care of us so the bad guys don't sword us? And the angels fly around and flap their wings?

This is the same 3 year old who tells Bible stories about Joseph swording the baby, Jonah swording the guy off the boat so he had to go to the doctor, etc. I decided to tell her about some actual Bible stories involving swords so maybe she'll at least start to get some of her theology right.

Well, time to get LOST as I plan for school and ponder the important questions in life:

  • Is Jacob really dead, or was the whole thing just too "Jesus betrayed by Judas" to be the end?
  • Is Sayid really Sayid?
  • Who are the real bad guys here, or are we all just bad guys who sometimes do good things?
  • Could the Japanese dude running the temple be any cooler?
  • Are there just so many alternate realities that none of this really matters?
  • Will this episode of LOST actually answer more questions than it poses or is that still just a misadvertisement?


  1. Oh my - poor bear! And Rusty got loose? (that's his name, right?) I know how nervous you get about him getting out!

    I'm watching LOST on the DVR now. They better start answering some questions...cause I'm totally getting more confused by the minute!

  2. Jamie lost Rusty the other morning while walking him on the leash. I had to go Jack Bauer/Chuck Norris to get him back. I am caught up on lost but still confused. I think I need to watch it in chronological order somehow.


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