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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The past few weeks

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (even though my friends and family in Western NC disagree). I just want some two hour delays people! I was greatly disappointed to see that we would be having a delay on March 3rd, only to realize it was an archived internet article from 2009. (sigh) I just need some planning time at school, is that too much to ask? At least we had two really good snows this year. The first was a great sledding snow - nice and icy. Of course I couldn't find the camera to document it all, but here she is before it all melted away. This latest one two weekends ago was perfect for packing. Caitlyn got her wish of making a snow angel, having a snowball fight, and making a snow man. Jamie had a fun idea to get out the sand buckets and make snow castles. We also made snow cream, which none of us really knows how to make. Enough sugar and vanilla can make almost anything edible.

With all the precipitation Caitlyn's room flooded a bit. It wasn't Hurricane Katrina flooding or anything, but it was enough to soak the carpet and make us call for professional help. We were going to have professional restorers come in, but in the end were able to hire a friend to help us so we could gut things and find the problem. Jamie took care of getting someone to grade the outside and I am dealing with the interior. My friend started gutting out the drywall and ripping out the insulation so we could make sure there was no mold or anything of that nature. He called me downstairs to show me a few things... like black stuff... not mold... wait for it... mouse poops! Also I noticed that I could see my yard through a hole causing me to wonder aloud, "Where is my brick?" Apparently there was a plasticy thing and a place below it with no brick at all. So the only thing between my sweet baby girl and the outside world/coyotes/attacking zombies was some drywall and insulation. (Oh... and some old mouse poops... not sure if zombies are afraid of mouse poops.) So for now Caitlyn and her many worldly possessions are in brother's room. (Also she has no intention of moving back into her room once it is fixed.) So the only two rooms I had organized and finished are trashed. C'est la vie.

In a new twist, I had students out filming a project and they filmed in the parking lot... from their friend's car... out the sunroof... while it was moving...

Elijah was 18.9 lbs two weeks ago at his 6 month checkup, rapidly approaching Caitlyn's 31 lbs.

Tennis season began, basically leaving me alone as a single mom except in the mornings. Bah humbug high school athletics. My school trounced his in the opening match - serves him right. (get it... serves???)

In two moments of weakness I agreed to sing a duet in the Easter cantata as well as oversee youth VBS (since our dear youth minister is off to be a military chaplain in June).

Also I was never good at closing/conclusion paragraphs in school...

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