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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jesus, Where's that Hi Ho Cherry-O??

Last night we were searching for a lost Hi Ho Cherry-O. Caitlyn said, "Let's ask Jesus. . . let's ask Jesus so he can come over and find it." (very widow and the lost coin, I know)

Especially since my dad was diagnosed with cancer (update below), I have desperately longed to be with family and friends. So why is it that I spend the majority of my time on work and cleaning, neither of which ever are completed. Last Saturday I was at school, working on grading, baby Elijah and I the only people in the building, feeling completely overwhelmed and trying to figure out what I should do out of all the things I needed to do next. I prayed, "God, help me know what is most important", then looked straight down as my baby boy started to wake up. I know, I know. . . hokey Hallmark Channel special, but I do need to get my priorities in order. Skyping is helping me feel more connected to my family but also creates a deep longing to be in the living rooms in the background - rooms where I have felt the most safe, relaxed, and secure in my life with the people who shaped me into anything good I have become. Cutting back on sleep very much is only going to be a short term fix to the drive I feel to accomplish more than is humanly possible.

On a brighter note - Heroes vs Villains may be the greatest Survivor yet. We only watched the first hour but were drawn to cheer for the "good guys". Had Caitlyn been up, I'm sure she would have gone villain all the way. She told me yesterday that when they play at school she's the bad guy. . . apparently it's more fun.

Caringbridge update from my mom:

Since we last met…

The MRI showed that a couple of vertebra have spots on them that Dr. Brian felt were of concern.

Tu​esday we saw Dr. Black (radiologist​) for him to determine if radiation is an option for treatment. He wants to study it for a couple of days and discuss it with some members of his team, but at this point they feel they will probably do radiation. After the radiation, Dr. Brian will decide about the next round of chemo.

Ea​ting is still a major problem, but he’s trying hard! He said that food is his worst medicine. However, the chicken I fried last night was a big thumbs up!

Please pray for him to be able to eat well, put some of his weight back on and that he will regain strength in order for the treatments to have the best effect possible.

When you don’t hear from us for a while, don’t think that means we don’t need your fervent prayers. It might mean that we need them even more!

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

Ed and Marsha

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