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Friday, November 30, 2012


There are no pictures of cute kids dressed up for the Thanksgiving play, or Jamie dressed as an Indian, the girls against boys baseball game, or videos of family laughing at dinner. All these things happened, but somehow my camera vanished at Thanksgiving. Thankfully I have a terrible memory, so although I will forget what happened, perhaps I will eventually forget the pain of the lost pictures and videos!

At the beginning of the month, the kids and I headed to the country for fun and my Grandmama's birthday. We love you, Audrey!


My uncle gave us two tickets for a UNC football game, but I had cantata practice. Jamie had the privilege of taking Caitlyn to her first visit to Kenan stadium. He took some awesome pictures... which were on the camera. Jamie scored free tickets to Kaleidoscope On Ice. The ice skaters were amazing, and the Olympic gymnastics gold medalists made an appearance.

Thanksgiving was fabulous as usual, and at the end of the month we headed to the Harrisburg Town Center to make some beautiful grass angels while we waited to meet Santa.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Click here for the November pics that survived the tragedy.

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