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Monday, November 29, 2010

Is "ghettoblaster" really Dutch for boombox?

"HEMA" is a Dutch department store. The first store opened on 4th November, 1926, in Amsterdam . Now there are 150 stores all over the Netherlands.

Take a look at HEMA's product page. Don't try to order anything (it's in Dutch anyway), but just wait a couple of seconds and watch what happens. Don't click on any of the items in the picture, just wait and see what happens. This company has a sense of humor and a great computer programmer.. 

(Wikipedia update - apparently "ghetto blaster" is in fact a synonym for boom box... who knew?)


  1. :-) You crack me up. Miss you! It's been forever!

  2. I miss you too! I feel like I see you on your blog, but in person would be much better. :)

  3. that was the craziest thing!But very creative. I might have to steal it and post on my blog just for fun!


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