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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I will forget...

I will forget the holidays with my in-laws - the excitement on faces when opening gifts and playing games, the joy and shock of children up at midnight, the love of my children playing with their Granny & Grandpa.

I will forget Jamie pulling my kids up the icy hill at the park because the sledding hill had melted, Caitlyn's face and squeals as I slung her sled around on the ice, Elijah's red face as his daddy carried him to the car.

I will forget Caitlyn roller skating ever so slowly around the track at the park while I pushed Elijah's stroller in circles around her to keep him from crying.

I will forget all these things because I lost my camera. I retraced all my steps to no avail. Every cute face the kids made brought tears to my eyes because I couldn't capture it. I was so devastated that I woke up sobbing at 2 am, inconsolable.

But today the healing begins, because Jamie bought me a new camera. I know my troubles are light compared to most mothers in the world, but I am so thankful to be able to record these precious moments with my family. As soon as I could charge the battery I recreated what we wanted to video last night - the joy of Elijah upon receiving a cookie...


  1. I'm sending Caitlyn some Oreo's. Poor kid had to eat an apple while Elijah had cookies!!! One second.......

  2. This post brought all my issues to bear. I may have to go back up my pictures right now

  3. That is just too cute. But you know someday Caitlyn is going to use that against you and against her baby brother, because we all know the babies in the family are spoiled rotten.

  4. Yes, but on the full length unedited videos you find out that Elijah had already consumed three Clementines and that Caitlyn knew she could have cookies if she ate her apple. So ha!

  5. So cute! Sorry you lost your camera - I didn't know! But at least you have sweet Jamie to rescue you! ;-) Glad we got to hang out a little this weekend! Loved seeing you all!

  6. Love the pictures . Keep them coming. One day we will come to visit...promise! There is no time when you are retired.


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