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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now that's an idea

Last night the house was a wreck... even more than usual. Elijah had dumped all the dog food on the floor and Caitlyn had broken the lazy susan. I felt the need to meet Jamie at the door and warn him before he came in from work. Thankfully Caitlyn had a solution - "We need a robot. A really fast robot to clean our house. He can clean faster than us and fix this mess. And he can speak Spanish. Wouldn't that be good Mommy?" She reiterated it to Dad when he surveyed the chaos.

She had no idea she was describing the Mexican dishwashers with whom I used to work. I wonder if I can get in touch with one of them...


  1. How cute! The comment about the dishwashers reminded me of Zapota!

  2. I knew that people might think the Mexican comment was prejudiced, but that anyone who had worked with a Mexican dishwasher would know I was right! I think about Zapata anytime I say the Spanish word for shoe.

  3. I've never seen a Mexican dishwasher at work but if they're anything as fast as Mexican construction workers...then wow!..sounds like a debate we'd have in old/new testament..


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