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Friday, March 18, 2011

Introducing Zeke

For about a month Jamie has been telling me about a dog that needed a home and asking if we should take him. After a playdate on Sunday I left the decision up to him. The pro and con lists were even in my mind.

  1. My long time dog Sasha is way past her prime, and I will be too emotional to ever replace her after she dies.
  2. I really like boxers.
  3. He is playful, submissive, sweet, and good tempered.
  4. He gets along well with the other dogs.
  5. He is good with kids.
  6. He is obedient and comes when you call.
  7. He is already housebroken.
     1.  He is a boy.
     2-7.  Another dog? Are you serious?

As you can see by the picture below, the dog stayed on at our house. My only demand was that we change his name from Thrasher, a name totally not my style. Since visions of ever adopting an adorable boy from Africa and changing his name to Ezekiel are dissipating before my eyes, I decided to bestow that moniker on the dog. Caitlyn doesn't understand why he follows her around the house with a ball, as she is accustomed to dogs that mostly just lay around the house. Now if I can only teach him that when I send him away from the table I intend that he stay away until we finish eating, not just make a loop around the upstairs and come back from the other side...

My attempt at a teenager style shot of the two of us :)


  1. The new dog looks awesome. I can't make those pictures work either. Kaitlynn takes them all the time and they are always good. If I had known you were open to another dog I would have hidden mine in your trunk before you left. Seriously though, if you do know someone with a weakness for small dogs who would be open to taking her please let me know. She is totally house broken but you would probably have to be honest about the noise level. I hope your Dad is having a good day today!!

  2. Looks sweet! I think that the dog Gavin has now is also a boxer.

  3. Welcome to the family Eziekel!

  4. Hey Carol Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Aren't 4 yr olds' antics great?! You have a beautiful new dog. I love boxers, and would probably consider one if we ever got a dog. But frankly, there's no way I'm cleaning up any more poop!


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