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Monday, April 25, 2011

What's in the cabinet; what's in the fridge?

In seminary my friends and I played a game to stretch our food. We very creatively called it "What's in the cabinet; what's in the fridge?" As you can guess it involved making meals out of whatever we all had around. The skills from this help me as I stretch meals to feed my family at times from randomness and at times feed random people who stop by. (I think it's also an inherited maternal trait to make more food than is necessary for the number of people eating.)

Since my particular denomination doesn't have strict rules for observing Lent, I prayed this year about what I could give up that would honor God. I thought about giving up yucky green beans, but eventually decided I should stop shopping for the crazy recipes I'd been trying and basically try to live on what was in the cabinet and fridge for a couple of months. I gave myself leave to buy milk, eggs, bananas, and also get a box of fresh veggies every two weeks.

Most colorful meatloaf dinner ever
I also allowed myself to shop when the in-laws came in, but did try to use up my box veggies. This lead to purple mashed potatoes with our meatloaf. Oddly enough everyone but the purple loving Caitlyn liked them. Elijah loved as much as made it into his mouth.

MMMMMM.... potatoes.....
So I'm pretty good at using up our leftovers and making them into random new meals, soups, and pizzas. However after buying an Easter ham for our family of four I am now swimming in ham. I put 3/4 of the leftovers in the freezer, but I'm going to need to have a meal or two of ham every week for the next several weeks to get rid of it all! So my plea to you is to please post any great and easy leftover ham recipes you have. Thanks in advance for the ideas!


  1. Have breakfast for dinner and fix a ham, tomato and cheese omelette. Yummy!!
    Of course, there's always ham salad for sandwiches.
    I have a recipe for my mom's Ham loaf. Let me know if you want it.
    Ummmmmm, what else......... dice the ham and add it to some mac 'n cheese. Bryant likes that.
    Hmmmmmm, still thinking.......make a chef salad with just the ham. Or make up your own salad with stuff you like and add the ham.
    Drumming fingers and racking my brain........Ahhh, I have a recipe for Parmesan Ham Pasta. Haven't made it, but it sounds scrumptious. Let me know. Or a Potato Ham Bake. Or Apple Ham Steak. Or just a plain Ham Casserole. Or Ham and Swiss Strata. Just let me know if you want any or all of these recipes. I have lots more, Hash Brown Ham Quiche. Yummy!!!

  2. Thanks Jen! I want the Parmesan Ham Pasta. I was thinking of how I could make it into a pasta. My family always eats pasta!

  3. How about Green Eggs & Ham? Anyone who prepares purple potatoes should have no problem preparing green eggs!

  4. And how would you suggest I get the ham green? Leave it on the counter for a few weeks?


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