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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I wouldn't exactly call it relaxing to have my mom and her family down for Mother's Day, but it was certainly worth the cleaning effort! (Plus it was a great reason for the hubs to get out there and remove the pollen from the deck furniture.) I made an old family recipe that everyone loved (Stouffer's lasagna). The kids (including Jamie) ate on the deck. I was finally sitting down and enjoying talking with my family when suddenly screams and panic ensued from outside. (If you know my husband, you'll understand why I didn't jump up immediately.) This sweet little creature (flying squirrel?) had apparently fallen out of a nest and was being attacked by an overprotective mama woodpecker. Although my husband wanted to bottle feed and raise said squirrel, I pointed out the vast number of bushy tails already occupying our yard as well as the vast number of creatures already under my care and asked that nature be allowed to take its course. The poor baby didn't survive, and my husband buried it over the fence the next morning. Yes, I know, I'm a jerk. 

Despite the tragedy of the tree dweller, we had a great time visiting and eating. My kids tried to hide in my parent's truck bed to be smuggled to the mountains but were busted. I was so glad everyone made the trek to my house! 

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