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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flashback - July 2011

Going through July's pics wasn't that tough since I did post in July about our beach and zoo trips. Other randomness involved Caitlyn growing an 8 foot sunflower from a seed, VBS, and a trip to Roxboro for my Granddaddy's birthday. We also gave our dog Rusty to my uncle. He has a big farm and only had one dog. Although I had trained him not to run out the door when I came in, I lived in constant stress that one of our kids or a guest at our house would open the door and let him escape. If he got out he wouldn't return, and one of our neighbors would call the police and blame us when any dog in the neighborhood would bark. He hated Rusty and threatened to shoot him with a BB gun. So it was a definite win-win situation even though we loved Rusty. He's doing great on the farm!

A week before Rusty left he got into a tussle with our dog Zeke over some food. His eye got cut so he needed stitches and the "cone of shame." Elijah thought the cone of shame was awesome!

Yes, Elijah is a mess - literally and figuratively. This is how he likes to eat slaw:

Caitlyn helped me make a coconut layer cake for my Granddaddy's birthday for the second year in a row. We're getting better!

Elijah discovered my other Granddaddy's linen closet and kindly cleaned out all the paper products. What a great organizer!

You can see the pics from July here:
July pics
Old & new Elijah pics
Old & new Caitlyn pics
And randomly I found some pictures from my sister to add to my Christmas album, including some great snow pics

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