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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go Targetheels!

"May I bring you some snacks?"

Anyone familiar with my husband would not be surprised to know that my daughter loves to talk  to and yell at the t.v. during March Madness. (Last year I used the ACC Tourney as an educational tool as she learner her numbers by looking at the score, so maybe I am somewhat to blame as well.) Plus it's one time she is actually encouraged to talk incessantly. Unfortunately she would never repeat her best exclamation; after a particularly tough foul committed by UNC player Tyler Zeller (called "Zecker" by Caitlyn) she crowed, "That's how you do it Carolina! Knock 'em down!!"

Bearcat basketball attire
She loved cheering for my "Targetheels" as well as Daddy's UC "Beahcats", especially when she could wrangle a later bedtime and some popcorn out of the deal. I'm sure little Elijah didn't really understand the game, but he cheered and yelled whenever the crowd on TV or in the living room did. Daddy let him know when he was cheering for the wrong team, but I found his antics adorable even with his misplaced allegiance.

Now if only I can work out my master plan of getting everyone as excited about "April Spring Cleaning!" Maybe a bracket would help...

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