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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun with the Fitzgeralds

Jamie's sister, her three children, and his mom made the trek down to NC to visit before the craziness of soccer season hit them. Unfortunately we lost a day due to a landslide on the interstate, but we made use of time the best we could! We met at Discovery Place Kids where the youngest generation could run around to their hearts content, get some wiggles out, pretend to be chefs/ repairmen/sailor/florist/firefighters, and engage in various dance parties.

Jamie, his mom, and the three eldest grandchildren headed on Sunday to the Whitewater Center in Charlotte. They cheered on some training American and Canadian Olympic hopefuls and enjoyed some nice hikes. (As a result the following Sunday I accompanied Jamie on a trip involving peaceful flatwater kayaking on the Catawba as well as high ropes courses and zip-lines that were far beyond the reaches of my acrophobic nature.)

My grand idea was to have a fondue night, but unfortunately the cheese did not cooperate. Nevertheless we enjoyed our cheese course, meat/veggie course, and especially the chocolate fountain. The children were so chocolate covered that Elijah was unceremoniously hosed off on the back deck by his loving father. We loved having them down and wish the cousins could play more often!


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