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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ski bunnies

I could show you these two videos of Elijah and Caitlyn trying out skis for the first time and spin a nice yarn about how amazing the day was...

Look how happy they are as they learn this fun sport!

Okay, that's not how things really went down.  Despite spending many formative years down the road from this ski slope, I have no clue how to ski. My previous attempt to learn as an adult was disastrous and almost fatal. Seriously! I could have flown off the mountain had I not held tightly to a friend who skied me down the slope like a child.

But I was willing to have a good attitude and give it a go. We also brought my niece who has never skied. After about 2 minutes on his skis and one trip down the bunny slope, Elijah was screaming and freaking out. After one trip down the bunny slope and still no clue how to stop on those things, I gallantly offered to hang with the toddler while Dad taught the girls to ski.

They really got the hang of it and were able ride the lift to tackle the main hill. None of them fell on the way down. Elijah and I tackled walking around in snow boots and spending Daddy's money at the snack bar.

My husband's idea of showing me mercy after this trip is to make me promise to give him another chance to help me learn to ski. Oh the joys of marriage. Hey, third time's the charm, right?

You can see other pics from the day by clicking here.

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