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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July in Review Part 2

J and I were back in Cinci in time to celebrate the 4th. His sister had planned a neighborhood children's parade, and even with the rain many patriots came out to ride in the parade, listen to Granny's July 4th story, and consume some All American hot dogs. The few days we were there were a whirlwind - Kings Island where our Christmas photo was taken on Elijah's first roller coaster, Winton Woods where we took a bike ride and bought some ice cream to make up for the fact that we got in free, the Beach water park where Elijah preferred eating his fries for an hour to hitting the water slides, and a historical and architectural tour of the two centuries old Betts House.

On our way home we picked up my nephew who joined us for our trip to Sunset Beach. My sweet neighbor has a trailer in Calabash that she let us use for free! My aunt was just up the beach at Ocean Isle, so we were delighted to get to hang out with her several times as well. Our half week there was filled with sun, surf, creamery ice cream, seafood, and letterboxing. Sunset is my new favorite beach! In order to convince Jamie to keep the tent poles low for more sun coverage, I built stairs to enter our shelter without bending down so much.

For more pics, click here!

Check out some videos:
My painfully slow eater
Ezekiel protecting us from the computer arrow
Taylor drying his shoes
Jamie walking down my sand stairs
Elijah dancing at the pier
Caitlyn boogieboarding

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