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Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of first grade!

It's so cliche, but I can't believe I have a first grader! Our first day of Classical Conversations was amazing. My class of 4-6 graders really meshed and had fun learning. (This even when we had to switch the science experiment due to the rain and I was FLOUNDERING as an instructor!)

I am always a bit concerned about Elijah, as he can be a handful. But we have an experienced childcare worker grandmother as his teacher. She is fantastic! He cleaned up, listened, and came home with a craft and knowledge about anteaters. Did anyone know they eat worms and spiders?

Caitlyn loved her new class. Her best friend is with her in the morning and afternoon. (The child has three "best friends", one for each location - school, home, church.) In the afternoon she is taking a 2nd grade grammar and writing class. She learned to make a keyword outline by taking 3 words from each sentence of a paragraph then retelling it in her own words. It's such a great method! I wish I had learned to do that. College would have been easier!

Our homeschool is officially registered now and named in honor of my dad and our commitment to classical education. It's going to be a great year at Grand Oak Classical Academy!

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