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Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Occurrences

 In October Daddy ended his first season of coaching girl's tennis. In his words he learned that "Girls are REALLY different than boys." Told ya so.

Our homeschool group took a field trip to the Renaissance Festival, enjoying the jousting, sideshows, food, bellydancing. torture chamber, and all the attention one gets from being a knight or princess during the Renaissance. It was especially fun this year since we have been studying the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

We visited my mom and checked "pumpkin patch" off the holiday list at the Elida Corn Maze in Asheville. Jamie and my nephew braved the big corn mazes while my sister and I took the 3 youngest on the nice story-time easily escapable versions. Elijah wanted the "pallest" (smallest) pumpkin, a choice I enthusiastically supported.

After picking up my mom, we headed up the death defying curves to see the elk in Cataloochee Valley. Drama unfolded as a young bull tried to finagle his way into the harem and was chased off by Big Poppy Elk. The girls were appalled and did not think it was fair when I explained the polygamous life that is being an elk cow. We headed over to visit my cousin's family who were visiting in a nearby cabin. Check roasting marshmallows and hotdogs off the list, too!

We celebrated a Fall Festival at church for Halloween. Caitlyn designed our costumes this year. She and her Daddy were bad guys, and Elijah and I were super heroes. Costumes for free from the costume box? Great idea!

Funniest status of the month?
Elijah took the stickers off Caitlyn's "great behavior" chart, placed them onto his chart, crumpled her chart up, and threw the evidence behind the bathroom door. When confronted he responded, "Yeah! I wonning."
Click here for more pictures from October.

Click for videos of:
Elijah grooving with the belly dancers at the Ren Fest
Me swordfighting Elijah
Elijah videoing Ezekiel
Caitlyn reciting Mr. Nobody
Elijah dancing with candy to the band at the Fall Festival

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