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Monday, December 5, 2011

I couldn't make this stuff up

Heard around our house this week:

When asked to make an animal sound, Elijah will intentionally make a different animal sound for comedic effect - class clown! He also says "good" and nods his head in an effort to get out of trouble and convince us of his (sometimes false) sincerity in striving to "be good."

Caitlyn: Mom, I know who I'm going to marry when I grow up - Elijah! But don't worry, you can live with us!

Caitlyn: (Responding to the Christmas song Have you seen that child?) Oh no I haven't seen that child. Where did you put that child?

Caitlyn: (Playing with her Lego men) This is the way we go to prison, go to prison, go to prison. This is the way we go to prison, early in the morning. (Later I heard her singing "President Obaaaaama" in her room. I can only hope the Lego men received a last minute pardon.)

Caitlyn often has me tell her stories while we go potty in public places. Last Friday I was making up a story about a child who learned not to be greedy at Christmas and was leading to what the real meaning of Christmas is. Caitlyn said "Oh! Oh! I know the best gift of Christmas! It's about Baby Jesus!" (My heart swelled with joy and pride.) "Jesus got the BEST Christmas gifts - Gold and Jewels!" (Maybe we still need to do some work here....)


  1. Are you writing these down for a book?? SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know, I need to. I at least wanted to put them on the blog sometime because we forget all the hilarious things they say!

  3. Hilarious! I needed this laugh!

  4. Caitlyn should teach theology.


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