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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just monkeying around


Thinking that I was so ahead of the game, I had almost all of the presents we needed for Ohio in Ohio and all the presents we needed for Christmas morning and my side of the family at my grandparents' house in Roxboro well in advance of Christmas. Of course, nothing in my life seems to ever go smoothly, so life threw me the curveball of needing to bring our elderly dog on our Christmas trip and my dad needing hip replacement surgery and being unable to travel at Christmas. After Jamie calmed me down from my mini breakdown when I realized there was no way we could get our suitcases and all the wrapped presents from Roxboro to Canton, a 4.5 hour trip, we continued to roll with the punches! We had a mini pre-Christmas with my grandparents and most of my aunts & uncles, loaded the car with a lovely Sasha sized space in the back, bungeed our suitcases to the roof, and prayed against rain! Everything worked out fine, and we had a fun few days with the grands. My maternal grandparents gave the kids some animal hooded bath towels, so Caitlyn put on this monkey show for her dad:

Elijah was eager to help my granddad open his gifts. He loves his 3 great grandparents!

My grandparents also gave the kids scooters. Caitlyn has wanted a "real" scooter for a while and picked it up right away.

And this is what our van looked like!

Growing in patience and teamwork is a great Christmas gift, right?

See more pics from the trip by clicking here.

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