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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kassy's graduation

Almost a decade ago I was asked to be a godmother by a single mom with a daughter I loved. Since then Kassy has been an extended part of our family. When I married Jamie he became her godfather, and the kids consider her a fun big sister. She has endured several emotional trials in her life and school career. I have seen others give up under similar circumstances, but Kassy persevered. We have been honored to encourage and help her along the way whenever we could. In turn her presence makes our lives better. Monday night was her high school graduation. On the same night they also conferred GED certificates. I was inspired by parents and grandparents receiving their degree after decades without one. I was touched by my children's good behavior and excitement over the ceremony. (Elijah loved clapping for everything.) But I thought my heart was going to burst when my sweet goddaughter walked across the stage in her cute albeit impractical shoes to receive her high school diploma.

Way to go Kassy! We know you are going to succeed in college and beyond. The world and our lives are a better place because of you.


  1. Omg I started crying when I read this! Which isn't good considering I'm on my way to work... Thank you so much I couldn't have done it without you guys! I love you all :D

  2. We love you too! Stop crying - you'll ruin your makeup!

  3. Very proud of you Kassy! You're a very special young lady. Marsha


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