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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas caroling 2012

I love that our church carols in the neighborhood as an outreach each year. It's great to see people react. We get everything from people hiding and pretending they're not home to opening the door excitedly to confusion. People have yelled after we passed, "Hey, are you caroling? Come back!" They have mused, "Wow, I thought people only did that on tv." One kid even nearly jumped out of his skin when he opened the door, thinking we were there to "jump him". It's a fun night, but this year we forgot Elijah's coat! Since it was really cold and he had been sick, he and I stayed behind and had an interpretive dance session with his buddy. Caitlyn and Jamie had a great time ministering to the community, and Elijah had a great time trying to eat all the cookies before the carolers returned.

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