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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh Christmas Trees

Needless to say, I will never be featured in Southern Living until they put out a "How Not to Decorate" issue. I visit my friends and gasp in awe at their themed trees gracing each room. But I love my little ragged Christmas trees. The big one with the bright lights and mismatched sentimental ornaments reminds me of my childhood and people in my life. As I learned from my mom, all the angel ornaments hover at the top recalling the angel army who announced the birth of the Christ child.

The trees in the children's rooms provide the best nightlights of the year. Caitlyn's is filled with handmade crafts and ornaments given to her. Elijah only had one ornament of his own, so I gave him some stars and a bucket to clump all on the top.

My favorite of all is our Advent tree. We hung Caitlyn's crafts from last year and added to the tree each day. I knew Elijah was paying attention when we began the Baby Jesus craft. He ran to the tree and cried, "Oh! We make dis one?" We used this sweet tree to tell and retell the story of the Christ child.

My fake trees may be free hand-me-downs with unevenly spaced ornaments hung by tiny hands, but as the Peanuts gang learned, once you turn on the lights the beauty can be seen by anyone who seeks it.

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