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Saturday, March 16, 2013

DIY Snow Day

My aunt and uncle always give the kids in the family the coolest bunch of gifts at Christmas. Last year's treasure trove included a container that could make fake snow. We saved it for this beautiful March day! I brought out all kinds of bowls, spoons, and dishes and turned our table into a winter wonderland.

We were out of town the one day this year it snowed, so I had to do something!

Here's how it works:

This was the first nice Saturday all year, so every single house in the neighborhood had people outside working in the yard. Our lawn is beyond repair, so instead of fertilizing we put together a playset our friends had given us when they moved to Montana.

Daddy and Elijah did most of the work, but I came over for the heavy lifting. Our neighbor offered to help. Jamie said no, but I overrode him when we connected the swingset and slide. There was no way two people could hold three giant playset pieces! When it was all assembled, the kids tested out the slide.

But really, what kind of test is that? To really test a slide, you need a 200 something pound man. Go Jamie, go!

For the record, the slide survived the test.

You can see more March pictures by clicking here.

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