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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Great Tooth Fairy Experiment

Since their mom started working two jobs, we've missed our sweet "cousins". So we had them over for a sleepover to let their daddy surprise my friend for a child-free night out. Great. Now I have baby fever! Their little ones are so sweet!

Their daddy picked them up the next morning since it was a school day for us. On the way home, Caitlyn cried out from the backseat, "Hey, my tooth is loose! I thought I had a cavity!"

After informing her that any tooth pain should be reported to the proper authorities, I burst her bubble with the fact that it takes loose teeth a while to come out. I encouraged her to keep wiggling, and in a few days she would be rewarded with a snaggle toothed smile. Ever eager to prove me wrong, a few minutes after arriving home she deposited said tooth into my hand. In my defense, I think it had been loose for a while as another tooth had already begun growing in.

This momentous occasion was celebrated in true American fashion - placing a dead tooth under the pillow in hopes of obtaining cold hard cash. My analytical six year old kept questioning me. "Is the Tooth Fairy real? Is she rally going to leave money?" "What does she do with all the teeth?"

My strategy is to always dance around such questions with solid answers such as, "What do you think?" Her classical education showed through when in true CC Kindergartner fashion she pondered aloud, "I just don't know if the tooth fairy is real. I don't have a hypothesis!"

Thankfully, the kind-hearted fairy rewards even half-hearted believers.

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