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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hey! Can I do it?

I assume it's going to pay off. One day I will have two wonderful, compliant older children who can cook and clean for me while I sit on the couch reading Lynn Austin. (Moms of teenagers - do NOT burst my bubble.)

Every task now is sooo slow. Either I am interrupted by the sound of a Lego box being dumped or lingering silence that indicates something far more sinister.

And every time I cook I hear, "Hey! Can I do dat? Can I hep you? Can I do it?" So I have 3 and 6 year olds who slowly but surely help me prepare our food from scratch. Dinner prep takes roughly 1/100th of the time dinner consumption consumes.

But I've noticed that lately my 6 year old is actually helpful when she helps me. And my 3 year old may not be so much, but he is the cutest chef in town. (No shoes, no shirt, no problem as he demonstrates how we made spaghetti sauce from a bunch of veggies that were past their prime.)

Eat your heart out Bobby Flay. He's coming for you.

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