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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Field Day and the End of School

Elijah had a freak fever, so he and I missed field day. Thankfully my good friend took Caitlyn (and my camera) so she wouldn't miss the fun.

I left the kids alone with a snack so I could quickly look at a recipe. I was only gone for seconds, but when I returned my sun had swiped his head with a sunscreen stick and a black crayon. I think we have a new suncare trend. I him up with Benadryl so he would feel better and rest during awards night. That plan backfired, and since I was a teacher with responsibilities I could not leave. I'm sure most of the parents wished I had taken him home and left my section of the final song to fend for themselves. Thankfully my friend stepped in towards the end with an iPad to keep him quiet.

Here is most of Caitlyn class reciting their Geometry facts. She was at a disadvantage because we learned them by singing them, and her teacher wanted it recited. I think she did well anyway!

I can't believe I will have a first grader on my hands in a few months...

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